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I just wondered what, if anything, people are hearing in homilies or from their priests about the recent Supreme Court decision.

We have two priests at my church and last week on the 28th, I was kind of surprised to hear nothing mentioned at all until just before dismissal–Fr. told us to “have compassion and respect”, I am assuming towards those who support homosexual marriage. :shrug:

I guess it’s more what he didn’t say that was shocking to me–He didn’t emphatically say the decision was wrong, he didn’t say to hold true to our faith and fight the good fight against it…nothing.

The other priest, who is not so political, gave a great homily this morning about how the decision was wrong, lacks common sense, and he gave a warning to Catholics that seem to believe in Fake Marriage.

What are others hearing? Has their been any kind of statement by the Pope?


Political correctness will be our death. Second week and nothing from our priests.



I live in Canada, and had a great homily today, based on the readings of today, but also focusing on standing by your beliefs in the Catholic Church no matter what the society / unbelievers throw at you.
Pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


The church I belong to does an extremely good job at being relevant and does two things really well.

The first is staying out of partisan politics. That is not the church’s forte and/or responsibility. And that too would, I believe, disqualify them as a tax-exempt status.

The second is that they do not shy away from talking about these things as it relates to church teaching. Any Catholic Church that doesn’t warn people of the consequences of: following earthly trends, being of the world, hell, sin, abortion, euthanasia, etc. is not doing its job. They also remind us to discern who we vote for. Our priests do it so well, and yes, they have worked in these topics in relation to the readings and the Gospel during their sermons and during the prayers.

But that’s my church.


During today’s homily, our priest reminded us that the Church has always taught compassion and love for homosexuals and that the Church’s teaching on the sacrament of marriage won’t change. 'Nuff said as far as I’m concerned.


Last week at My Parish, the Priest took the time to explain the recent Papal Encyclical.

The explanation and summary was an extremely watered down version of the encyclical, focusing only on ‘protecting the environment’ and being ‘good stewards of the earth’ .

Even if he did not talk about the recent Gay marriage issue , i wouldn’t be half as angry, if he really made a good summary of the encyclical and challenged Catholics to reject materialism and the culture of death.

No, i felt i was in 5th grade with a primer on environmental awareness.

No wonder only 28% of Catholics are against Contraception and Church members are declining.


I have been to 5 masses in luding a couple of daily masses(at a different parish) since the Supreme Court decision. Not one mention. I will keep a running tally. I hope to hear something soon because it will have such a big negative impact on our culture. There is a long list of Bishops statements so why its not dwindling down to the parishes i dont know?? There was a vague reference today in the intentions for politi ians to protect freedoms.


our priest sort of alluded to it today saying that in our modern society we make ourselves gods and believe we can do anything we want. Last week he emphasized we should be afraid of sin but not death. Nothing specific there either. However, think I read in the NC Register, that canon lawyers are looking at this decision, and perhaps deciding what can be said and what not to avoid losing a tax exemption. I was very dissapointed in our diocesan paper as they had only one article about this, but plenty of commentaries about the encyclical.


This is widely misunderstood because people rely on bumper-sticker slogans and not any in-depth research. Thus, “No religion in politics” trumps the actual IRS regulation in the minds of most. Salient in it is the following:
“The prohibition against participating or intervening in a political campaign applies only to elections for public office, and does not apply to attempts to influence legislation. (Churches and other §501©(3) exempt organizations may engage in such attempts to influence legislation as an insubstantial part of their activities.)”
Charles M. Watkins, Esq.


It would be rather hard for any of the priests at my parish to comment since the main leaders of the music ministry, both traditional and contemporary, are gay, and, if Facebook is any indication, are not shy about their friends and activities. There is always a strong emphasis on pro-life matters, but mostly silence on this. The music is wonderful, and it seems that as long as that is the case, everyone is willing to ignore the elephant in the room. I never hear anything about chastity regardless of whether one is straight or gay.


Can anyone enlighten me how the U.S. constitution, written long ago, has been found to provide a right to SSM? Can anyone advise why it is now held that the constitution writers sought to ensure this “right”? Was SSM topical in those days? I would have assumed the Constitution writers never even imagined the subject!


So then could the church endorse a pro-life candidate or at the very least, say they agree with him/her and still keep their protected status?


The Church and Pope Francis should be careful about what they are saying. This green movement is infecting our wonderfully perfect religion, and by telling us we are destroying the planet because we drive cars and that we should all go back to riding bicycles (yes, hyperbole, but making a point) is going to alienate a lot of Catholics and for what purpose? It has nothing to do with moral teaching, it is a political opinion, and many Catholics don’t understand that this teaching (e.g.: that climate change is man-made and if we do nothing, our earth will rot to a final destruction within 20 years unless we transfer trillions of wealth from the poor and middle class and regulate us into oblivion) is NOT moral teaching, but political opinion, and for me it is DIATRIBE.

The Church should stick to what it is supposed to do, by telling us to be good stewards of the earth, respect the planet, do not pollute, etc. All of those things are things we should all do, Catholic, Protestant, atheist, etc. all of those things do not tell us how to do it (e.g.: total government regulation, or self-regulation). The Church should teach us that we are not to dabble in the occult, support people who support contraception, abortion, euthanasia…


Oh boy. I haven’t been in the RCC that long and I really did not understand the mostly silence on this issue at all. Looks from most of the responses that this is not uncommon. Doesn’t make me feel real warm and fuzzy.

Before I was in the Church two out of the five Catholics in my office told me they completely believed in Fake Marriage and that I must be a bigot. This, coming from Catholics. I shouldn’t have ignored the red flag then.

As I said one of my priests is extremely political, but the other one admonished us that if we have doubt on this issue then we better resolve it, not accept Holy Communion if they are in favor of it, and that it makes him, the priest, look foolish when ppl are openly accepting of this on FB.

I guess I have a lot to learn because I thought a very high majority of Catholics actually believed a very high majority of the Catechism. Not good.


In defense of the priests, they speak to an audience of all ages, and I wouldn’t like my young children hearing about gay marriage at all when they were very small. Keep it family friendly!

On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent the pastor from writing an insert in the church bulletin or even having a teaching/discussion group open to teens and adults during the week, or whatever.


First, you don’t know people on Face Book really are, they could be posing with the purpose of spreading a lie.

Second, it is true that many " Catholics " do not accept all that the Church teaches. These " Catholics " are living in mortal sin. Do not take them as an example.

Third, all Catholics must believe all that is in the Catechism at the very least. And they must be prepared to believe anything the Church may teach authoritatively in the future, which may not now be in the Catechism. I speak of course about matters of faith and morals.

Fourthly, you can be a good example for the rest of us.

Be not disturbed at the bad examples you run into. Just be sure you do not set any yourself :).



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