Re: Im scared of my home, resolved

Hello : )

I have made a post on here awhile back, about me being scared in my home, and I got amazing feedback, and advice.

Since, my home has been blessed. The hauntings have stopped, all I have is terrifying nightmares that wake me up in cold sweat.

Although many of you may not agree, I continue the rituals from my Native ancestors, and I use white sage to cleanse my home. (Im part native Mexican, and it is a big part of our culture.)

I feel safe(Ish), and sleep with a nightlight (childish, yes. but it helps me calm down.)

My house still feels weird at night, but I think after a few blessings, everything will be okay.
I haven’t seen anymore children in my home, or spirits.
I HAVE seen a therapist. I am okay. I do NOT have a mental issue, which was what many were suspecting. Most I have is Aspergers, which isn’t known for hallucinating. I have no more bruises.
I would like to thank you all for the wonderful help, and have a blessed week.



Im sick and tired of the back and forth between female and male priests.
I won’t be answering any of them. I have no time to argue with people who won’t see both sides.


Thanks for the update. We were all worried about you.


The OP never said they found a therapist in the last two weeks.

They said they HAVE seen a therapist, in answer to all of the posts in the last thread accusing them of being mentally ill and needing a therapist. I suppose that may be when they got their Asperger’s diagnosis as well.


Assuming the OP is posting in good faith, is the male, Roman Catholic priest who blessed your home in the last two weeks aware that you are continuing to engage in rituals incompatible with the Catholic faith?
In your original post you made no mention of engaging in these rituals. These rituals may in fact be contributing to your problems. They are not harmless cultural traditions but can be doorways to the demonic. Please speak with a male, Roman Catholic priest about these issues.


Always happy to hear good news!


Burning sage to ward off evil spirits is not good news. It is in fact distressing to learn that the OP is engaging in this practice incompatible with the Catholic faith. It’s bad news.


I have a therapist, and a mental hospital is near me.
I have had Aspergers for awhile.
I live by a Roman church (3 to be exact), and my mental symptoms have not ‘disappeared’. Please don’t add words into my text.
My bruises have gone away, yes.

It is apart of my culture. I am Native Mexican, and doing this is our way of warding off bad spirits.

And on your emphasis on ‘male’, a person, male or female, honoring and teaching the word of God, has my trust.
The God I know and love lets anyone who wants to teach the word of God do so.
I carry the traditions that my ancestors carry.

Thank you so much.
I have a therapist, and I have had the diagnosis for awhile of Aspergers.

I never mentioned it because I felt like it was not important.
I only mention it here so that everyone knows the most I have. I feel like depression ranks lower than my autism, since autism affects every part of me, while depression I can subdue with medication.

I think you should leave the OP alone. At this point you have refuted and picked apart everything she has said, which is not very Christian. Enough already.


Thank you <33
I only wanted to come back on to share the (hopefully) end of my struggles living here.

Have a blessed week.


Who blessed your home, Anne? The reason I ask is out of concern for you. In your last thread you mentioned a female priest blessing your home. There are no female priests who “honor or teach the word of God”. The woman who “blessed” your home is likely engaged in new age practices, which far from getting rid of evil spirits, can actually attract them. Please seek the help of a validly ordained Roman Catholic priest.


So you aren’t Catholic? I thought you said you were.

I am. But personally, I feel like no matter what gender, sexuality or race, God still loves each of us, and would want us to follow the word of God, and teach it. No matter what.

Priest do more than just teach. You know that, right? Any lay person can teach, but only men can be priests.


God loves each of us, and would want all of us to love our neighbors.
The gender of a teacher should not matter, as long as what they preach is good, and holy.
God sees no gender.
God has no prejudice.
He would not leave his child helpless in a time of need, only because the person helping is a woman.

Thats what you believe, and what the Church has had many believe.
Although I am Roman Catholic, there are many many things I find wrong with the church.
God sees no gender.
We are all his children.


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