Re: Important Forum Info


Threads in the In the News sub-forums must begin with a news article. Avoid blogs or commentaries unless they link to a news article.

Guidelines on posting news articles to Catholic Answer Forums:
*]Stay on the topic of the forum you are posting in. If you are going to post an article, make sure you are placing it in the correct forum.
*]Post recent news articles
*]Always link to a reliable news source (try to avoid blogs, if you link to a blog, the blog article must link to a reliable news source). No conspiricy sites, please
*]Use the original title. When you post an article, be sure to use the original title in the subject of your post. This helps users find the article and lessens the chance of a double post.
*]Always provide a link to a publically available news source.
*]Avoid quoting from copyrighted works. Instead, paraphrase what is said and provide a link. If you do quote, limit your quotes to one to three paragraphs.
*]Do not post articles that make personal attacks or are in other ways inappropriate for the CA forums.
*]Since the News forums are supposed to be about national and world news that is of interest to Catholics as Catholics, we would prefer that all news stories that are posted be at least tangentially related to Catholic doctrine or morals Where tie in to Catholic doctrine or morals in the thread may not be obvious to the moderating staff, please explain it in the body of your original post. This will help in our moderating the forum.
[/LIST]It is very common in the forum for people to accuse critics of President Obama of racism. It is unproductive and as a general rule not allowed in the forum.

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