Re-interested maybe

i am interested in the catholic faith again

i am married an committed and in love with a wonderful man but we are not going to have children

we are a bit too old too as well as i dont know if i want them

is it wrong to want to bring our marriage to the church - albeit i may never attend a real “church” - in other words to model our love around divine love

i am so new to this i apologize for any ignorance
(catholic education did squat fo rmy faith BUT it idid make me curious again)


Being curious again maybe a sign of grace being offered you. Pray and trust in God and his church.

At least it did something! :thumbsup:

I don’t really have the answer you seek, but I must admit that I’m smiling right now. I love to see threads like this, threads where people say they are curious. That means God is speaking to your heart.

Oh and welcome to the forums!

Catholic education over here (Britain) is enough to put anyone off the Catholic Faith for life. Count yourself lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pray about it. Particularly, bring it before the Blessed Virgin in the rosary.

The next step is to talk to a Priest, really. They can give you more of an authorative answer.

God Bless!


thank you all!

i will read and maybe even pray but not quite ready to walk into a church yet-if ever

thanks again!


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