Re: IQ test thread (a more balanced test that tests language as well as patterns)

This one seems to have equal parts language questions. This one seems to go quite a big higher score wise.

These ones go to eleven. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sentence makes my head hurt. :smiley:

In a good way, I hope!

I’ve had to do many full Wechsler IQ tests with educational psychologists to prove, and reprove my learning disability, so I could obtain special accommodations on standardized tests (SAT, LSAT, State Bar Exam.)

The results of my tests? Somewhere between 1 and 200. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that is such a narrow range. :stuck_out_tongue: I think they really pinpointed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh they did, I’m just being coy.


I have ADD and I was playing with my dog and had youtube on and clicked a few randomly because I didn’t feel like answering and I still got 140+. This test is a joke.

Wow, Flyingfish, you’re taking it quite seriously. :slight_smile: Too bad I don’t have the time today. I’m looking at tomorrow or Monday, but I promise I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Eh I just like tests.

So do I! And don’t allow that unexpressed slight dissatisfaction to fester! :D;)

Back to work (darn it, hoping to finish before Sunday starts).

flyingfish, as you are the ‘tester’ here, how about telling us how you scored. We shy ones might then tell our scores!!:smiley:

It’s a public poll, I voted in it

You do realize that these tests are not in any way valid measures of IQ and therefore can yield no accurate data about IQ and religion?

On a properly adminstered IQ test I fall into the genius range. I started college when I was 15 by skipping high school. It was part of a program known as the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) at Mary Baldwin College. Out of approximately 800 women 60 are PEGs at any given time. Out of this group, I would say that at least half attended religious ceremonies and were very involved. And what you should realize is that we were all staying on campus, nobody was from town and could be forced into it by their parents, so it was out of choice of the individual. I’ve known some very intelligent people who were highly involved in religious life. I think you will find that just like every other segment of the population the various intelligent groups will be well represented.

60 out of every 800… So that’s how you manage to rule the world while keeping us thinking it’s we who do.

well…ll yeah:D

The test is meant for fun. I’ve never taken a real IQ test so I don’t know how close the questions on them are to the online tests. It’s possible that an online IQ test could be standardized the way a real one is. Maybe you can comment on how the tests differ.

The closest thing I’ve seen to a real IQ test is the Mensa Workout on Mensa’s site. The questions on that one seem pretty similar.

Out of curiosity, did you take the tests, did you max them out/do them much faster than alloted time?

Ekhm. 49 points of difference between two tests taken on the same day (even with possible variant deviation). :rolleyes: Chances are this one uses the 24 deviation, which would trim down the highest scores to more everyday levels with a more standard 15 or 16 deviation.

For one thing, IQ tests are standardized which means they are to be performed the same way every time. They are given by a trained examiner. I am certified to give IQ tests, I have never done it, but I would be able to if I had to. Joe Schmoe off of the street would not be able to walk up and give the test and have the results be valid. There are protocols which must be followed.

The second test is certainly closer to a true IQ test as it had the combination of mathematical and linguistic. A typical IQ test has an examiner asking you the questions. Nonverbal tests are only used for people who are, well, nonverbal.

The tests used are carefully constructed and are constantly being tweaked to control for bias. We know nothing about the creators of these online tests or their qualifications. In a real IQ test how your proceed depends on how you answer the questions. After a certain number are answered wrong in a row, the test stops. That is not the case with these tests.

What might be more valid would be a poll in which people are asked to self report their IQ. Most people have taken IQ tests when they were children, it is very common in American Public Schools. That would be a far more accurate measure than this. Of course, you would still have no way of knowing if people were reporting accurately. The graph would also be skewed toward the higher end as people with lower IQs are less likely to post on a message board. You’re not likely to get answers in the MR range for instance.

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