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Before you call me a meanie for being glad someone’s marriage ended, I don’t think they ever had a real marriage. I think he exhibited a form of abuse towards her and she didn’t want her daughter to be a part of that cult.

Holmes was a Catholic before she got mixed up with this nut.

Let’s hope she gets back to the Truth.

Well it’s been in the papers that her daughter Suri is to be given a Catholic education.

I thought she was crazy for getting mixed up with him in the first place, but at least she’s finally come to her senses and is getting her daughter out of Daddy’s cult. I would be prepared for all kinds of nuttiness from Tom over custody.

I think she changed dramatically ever since she’d been with him. She appeared more playful, joyful, with a spark in her eyes before she met Tom, she also lost her youthful looks, which is probably the result of being unhappy and losing weight to satisfy Tom.

**NO! I am never glad to see any marriage - and esp those that involve children - break up.

Did I question her decision initially - YES!

Even though I did not agree with her decision - I still cannot be happy that this marriage is now broken.

Some many say that she was Catholic and he was other…still does not makes this situation good.**

Celebrities weddings do not belong to this world…

I sure hope that Katie can try to lead a fairly normal life now! How odd it was to see the way he treated her. Maybe it was different in private, but in public it was pretty doggone odd! And he just seemed so controlling. Definitely not a good thing in any relationship. :frowning:

What’s worse is that at age 14, Cruise enrolled in a Franciscan seminary with thoughts of becoming a priest, but he left after a year.

The whole family needs prayers & not from Scientologists!!

Apart from the fact she didn’t seem happy and that Suri always seemed to be either in Katie’s or Tom’s arms even when she was no longer a baby, I don’t know much about them. What was odd about Tom’s way of treating his wife in public?

I pray that she returns to the Catholic Church. I think since her marriage was not a sacramental marriage (it was scientologist…which IS A CULT), she would have no problem getting an annulment.

Never liked Tom Cruise. shudders

I agree, he gives me the creeps.

Hmm, am I glad that Katie dumped Cruise? Right now, I’m jumping up and down on my couch about it…

[Katie] Holmes “has always been more of a Catholic than a Scientologist,” a source tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s new cover story about the split.,20608739,00.html

Maybe Katie will become a Jim Caviezel/Eduardo Verastegui type celebrity. Let’s all pray she does!

I may not have supported the film or liked it, but I would never have stopped Katie from reprising her role in “The Dark Knight”, which Cruise is suspected to have done, as that would have been a huge break for Katie. Tom selfishly wrecked her acting career by forcing/convincing her to reject major roles, while his own appears to be going very well.

I think if people get married, and they don’t want to change their career around having kids they shouldn’t get married(Religious or Secular), Tom should have realised starring in that film would have helped her acting career and helped her star in it, while committing to look after the kids and balancing his own career. Even when Batman Begins came out he meddled in her promotion of the film, effectivly stopping her from being 100% committed, as he was busy promoting his own films(I think it was Mission Impossible 3? or was it War of the Worlds?).

I’m sad that Tom himself probably won’t learn from this, as Nicole left for pretty much the same reasons(and then she married Keith Urban in a Catholic Church). Nicole lost all access to her children(and then lost them to Scientology too), and I think Katie probably realised the same would happen to her if she didn’t push for sole custody.
I think she saw what happened to Nicole(losing the kids) and resolved it won’t happen to her.

It’s sad because should she win the fight, some people will inevitably accuse her of doing it for the cash, etc. But obviously she saw what happened to Nicole(ironically who is also a Catholic that inevitably hated Cruise’s association to Scientology).

To think Cruise was once studying to be Fransciscan… How far they fall from the tree…

Let’s hope she gets back to the one true church. Was Suri ever baptized? :confused:

More likely she’ll get an annulment and quitely remarry in the Church, a lar Tom’s previous ex, Nicole…

In fact it’s probably better for her anyway. Then she could finally rebuild her career(like Kidman did) and if she gets custody of Suri, could send her to a Catholic school, etc.

Wow I was not aware that Nicole lost contact with her kids. How did that happen? Was it due to a court decision or the meddling of Scientology?

Tom got custody of the kids, and then she lost them to Scientology(as their religion) too…

Tht is really sad

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