Re Mass.

Is there any historical evidence of the Mass being celebrated facing the people prior to Vatican II ? Thank You.

You could start here:

It’s Wikipedia, so take it for what it’s worth. But it may help a bit. I’ll continue looking.

I was educated by the Jesuits through High School, and was in my mid 20’s when V II took place. I was in the career cadre of the Navy when that happened. I never heard or read of Mass being celebrated with the priest facing the congregation prior to VII. In fact I did not hear Mass in English until around 1969, and even then not with the priest facing the congregation.
I left the Navy in 1970 and settled in conservative Richmond, Va. where the Church was going crazy with such abominations as Rock 'n Roll Masses and so-called “Folk” Masses, complete with hill-billy music!
I have since re-located to NYC, where there is sanity in the Church in Manhattan…and we have a truely marvelous ArchBishop in Cardinal Dolan.

Wouldn’t that depend on what we mean by facing the people? Sometimes depending on the way the church is laid out, ad orientem could be facing the congregation. Im under the impression that pre Vatican II masses at St. Peter’s celebrated facing east would have been facing the people.


Thank you for your prompt replies. Although I’m faithful to The post Vatican II Church,I can see how many changes were done abruptly and how the mass facing away from the people made more sense. I hope with current desire to preserve the Tridentine Mass, we will have the choice to attend either Mass, Thanks again.Yours in Christ.CdlP.

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