RE:May the priest skip the penitential rite at Mass?

The question was asked and answered under the ask apologist section… but our priest skips the penitential rite when we are doing baptisms during the mass (we are only one of a few that actually follow that cannon law). He says that because we are “renewing our baptismal vows” that we are not required to do the penitential rite in this case.

I think I see his point, but I’m no expert on liturgy and cannon law.

We have a very large parish and have about 10-12 baptisms a week in 2 of the 3 masses on the weekend… so we don’t get the rite all that often.
Is this practice alright?

I thought that the so called renewal of the “baptismal vows” could replace the Credo and not the penitential rite. I am probably wrong, it happened before.

I’ll check my copy of The Rites when I get home. I didn’t think baptisms during Mass happened during the beginning of Mass… I thought they happened during the time allotted to the Creed (since the baptism involves a profession of faith).

The regular Introductory Rites (of which the penitential rite is a part) are skipped when there is a baptism. They are replaced by the Reception of the Child/children which concludes with the Opening Prayer.

In our parish the Reception of the Child occurs at the church door and then the families participate in the entrance procession as we sing the Gloria and the Opening Prayer is said from the chair.

It is not…baptisms happen after the homily and before the petitions. And I can understand how it replaces the credo…and it does… but I cannot understand why the penitential rite as well.
I know our priest is pretty conservative and he’s on some sort of liturgical board for our diocese…but that doesn’t really mean much. I’m just wondering if anyone else knows anything about it.

In the Rite of Baptism for Children, #29 “The rite of receiving the children takes place at the beginning of Mass and the greeting and penitential rite of the Mass are omitted.” The rest of the rite of baptism continues after the general intercessions.

So yes, the pastor is doing exactly what the Church describes in those circumstances.

I believe that the penitential rite is always replaced by a sprinkling rite. (…not that this seems to apply in the case of the OP.)

Thank you, Father!

Thanks. I figured it was correct. Our priest is rather Orthodox as I mentioned and tends not to do anything unless it’s “in the book” so to say :wink:

So, the next question is what is “The rite of receiving the children”???
Does anyone know?

Basically it’s the part where the priest asks the names of the children, and asks the parents/godparents what they are asking for the children (ie Baptism & faith).

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