Re: Muslims I never thought I'd be glad that...


the people giving the party this weekend for their son, who earned his Junior Black Belt in Karate this weekend, are Hindus not Muslims. I’ve spoken to the dad a few times at the
karate school where my daughter is also a student. He has the accent that says “Indian” or “Pakistani” and hence, Hindu or Muslim. (Playing the percentages here.)

We walk in and see, right away, that these are Hindus–a shrine to their *gruta? *is on display for all to see. I’m glad because I don’t have to entertain visions of the slightly daffy Uncle plotting jihad in the back room…




What are you talking about? Is this all in reference to another thread you posted?

I dont get it.


Sorry Damascus.

I’m just relating to all and sundry that I was glad the
people throwing the party were Hindu and not Muslim…

That’s all. Not part of some other thread.

Was I out of line?


I am going to stay out of this one. Its not gonna be pretty let me tell you.

But, no need for apology I just thought I missed a thread or something.

Carry on!


Are you trying to say you don’t want to socialise with ANY Muslims?

If so, I will do as Damascus said and stay out of this thread I think.


You do realize that everyone who reads this is going to think you’re a narrow-minded racist (Or Islam hater) even if they won’t say it? You know, cause of the relief at the absence of some jihad planning Muslim…

Here’s to hoping you’re not really that narrow minded and bigoted.


If I was a jihad planning muslim who planned to do violence to my neighbors, I’d plan a party and display a Hindu shrine so as to throw my victims off track.




Take it easy on tskal. I understand precisely his feelings. I also understand that in PC setting one should not divulge his fears for fear of attacks from others.

It is very difficult to know what to think or do unless one is happily ready for martyrdom or doesn’t worry about his/her family.

My suggestion though for Tskal is this. Always be ready for your last day. This is what our Lord teaches us. If we can gain that level of contentment we can be a better witness to our Muslim neighbors.

I teach Comparative Religions and have Muslims in my classes all the time. I act with respect toward them. Most behave in a respectful manner. Many are model students. Some I seriously wonder if they are plotting my last day.

I do understand your post.



India actually has a large Muslim population as well as Pakistan. In fact there are more Moslems in India than there are in famously Muslim nations. Occasionally there is sectarian violence between the Hindus and Muslims in flashpoints like Gudjarat, but mainly they manage to live in peace with each other.

In fact, India has an incredible amount of religious diversity. They have Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Catholics and recently there has been an uptick in Evangelical Protestants. Prior to the establishment of the state of Israel there was even a small community of Jews in India.


Yes becasue going to a Muslim persons house will get you killed? You should be ready for martyrdom at any time? What the ****? Come one people, so he worships Allah instead of YHWH. And so you instantly believe that someone in the family is going to kill you for your religious beliefs?

Doesn’t sound like anyone should take it easy on narrow minded bigotry as such, least of all persons of a religion that teaches universal love.


Balogne! He went to the house without knowing what religion the people were. Stick it in your ear. You have no reason to call him bigotted. Perhaps you are the one who is bigotted.



It is just as bigoted as it would be to avoid inviting over a friend of a friend who is respectable, moral, upstanding, and black because you’re afraid he’s going to steal your television set.


You even said that when witnessing to Muslims you should be prepared for death. How is this not bigoted?


Gregory, Do you see now why I scooted out of this thread?

All you are asking for is to be bashed. Notice the OP is getting off much easier than you are.

I forget what other thread I posted in today that outlined the predictable outcome of this type of a thread.

I have to find it and PM you so you get a good laugh.

Maybe Mirdath remembers?:wink:


One should always be ready to die. It’s not bigotted. It’s honest. Radical Muslims have shown themselves to be a bit more ready to help us become martyrs than have others. But no matter, if we aren’t ready to die we haven’t really surrendered to the cross.




Not to worry. I saw your warning and knew it would be nearly useless to tangle with nut cases, but it’s fun sometimes.

Where did you get that great picture of Jesus’ baptism?



Yes, yes I do, which is why I endeavor to practice tolerance of all creeds different from my own, and am saddened by examples like this of people who do not :wink:

Seriously, discriminating against and condemning someone based solely on their accent? It’s about as valid a criterion as skin color – less, actually, since accents can change. Tskal’s post indicates he would have been fine with his kid going to the birthday party of a hypothetical child of John Walker Lindh, or a white, born-in-the-USA Islamic extremist and closet terrorist – no suspicious accents there.


So, the original poster is allowed to express freedom of speech only if they conform to your expectations? I don’t know if you noticed, but while you are busy crying racism, the OP has already stated that they actually attended the party not knowing whether or not the hosts were Muslim. I think your great leap in accusing the OP of being a white supremacist because they expressed discomfort with the idea of going to a party at a Muslim home is amusing. They would attend a party at John Walker Lindh’s home because he’s white? Last I heard, John Walker Lindh is a criminal who is sitting in a jail cell. Odd comment by you. Just odd. In fact, the Lindh comment is a great example how of confused the thinking of the PC police can get.


Nonsense. That is not what the poster wrote at all.


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