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I have some my friends here they are belonged to New Born Church. Could you tell me how i explain them that they are not on the right track. I need to tell them right dirction the are my best friend. I need to tell them that we are Catholic on the right side. And are the religion who is perfect.
So plz help me.


You could ask then who started the New Born Church. When they answer tell them that Jesus Christ was the founder of the Catholic Church and that the Catholic Church has also taught that she is the one true Church


plz tell me more


You must know the scriptures for that is all that they will appreciate. You must be patient and go slowly. If they ask you a question about your Catholic faith give them a sound thorough answer based in scripture. If you do not have a ready answer tell them so, and let them know that you will get an answer for them. Later after doing your homework get back to them with a solid answer.

All of this must be done prayerfully and in sincere charity. Be enthusiastic about your Catholic faith, and tell them what it has done for you in knowing Jesus. Let them know of your sincere love of Jesus Christ, and how you love knowing him more through the most Holy Eucharist.

Be patient…you are not there to convert anyone…you are there to evangelize and inform. The Holy Spirit does all of the heavy lifting and performs the conversion of heart and mind. Pray to the Holy Spirit and pray for your friends. Do not get discouraged.

I hope this helps.


He who hears you, hears Me. And he who rejects you, rejects Me and the One who sent Me.”

Christ spoke these words to the Apostles, who started the Catholic Church. If you reject the teachings of the Apostles, you reject Christ.

Ask them to research the Early Church, begin with the Eucharist. There is no teaching as plain and as consistent as this teaching, and yet it’s rejected by most other churches!!!

The original Christian Church has taught that Christ is present in the Eucharist since the 1st century, beginning with St. Paul in Corinthians and has taught the very same thing for the next 1950 years. Why do they reject this teaching of the early Christian Church?


What makes you think they are not on the right track?


I am really for guilty to tell you these things.
First we are few percent Christian in this country. And day by day lot of new churches we are listening and they are doing work with strange things.
Here are lot of things which are faulty and those shows that they are not on the right track I am not now talking about only New Born other churches are doing same things as New Born Church doing here accept Catholic Church.

There act those shows that they are not on the right track I write below:

They don’t believe on the Mary that She is not Mother Of Jesus Christ

They hide 7 books in the Bible

They don’t say prayer for died person

Their posters give the permission to second marriage and some illegal marriages.

Their Poster has Non Christians friends. I know about one Mass held in their church. Some Non Christians guys were looking in the church area. You know what was happened after the Mass those Non Christians guys snatch the money of tribute and there was a big fight. Police arrested lot of Christian people.
And some other churches are spreading teaching in the Non Christians that Catholic Church has wrong teaches there Bible is not correct. And you know for money they do any thing, like some posters recommended some Non Christians people. They give them Christian certificate for embassies requirement. Embassies trust on Christian people and give them visa easily. Poster recommended them for money.
Poster give the certificate even Christians or Non Christians what they desire too. Like if some one is married and he needs the certificate for unmarried. Posters give them and take money. I am really sorry to say these things to you I am feeling ashamed who we are and what we do here. Here lot of things I want to mention but I don’t want to tell you more. I hope you understand them. And I believe that in other Christian countries posters are not doing these kinds of things.
You know what we are in this country those are Christian. Non Christians think about us like ants we have nothing values. They are not pure with us. They always watch are mistake and attack on us. Ask us lot of Christian and force us for convert their religion. You know 15 years before they believe that Christian are really so honest, royal with there faith and true in there speak. But you know at the moment. Our Christian view is totally damage. We are looking like Non Christians. We adapt there style.
I am not hate with other churches I love them. But there Character is not showing like Jesus followers here in my country. So Catholic is still doing work on it. I know Catholic is really strict in the rules and I think its show our discipline of life and worship to Jesus Christ to other religion when we live in between them. But believe me they are laughing on us. Non Christians say you have false bible and false teaches.
Please forgive me if I hurt any one in the forum but I am hurts by other churches


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