re-new vows??

About 11 months ago I married the man of my dreams.:smiley: :love: :heart:
I grew up Catholic but he did not. I didn’t fuss (too much) when he said he wanted to have a non-denomination wedding. He has now made the decision to become Catholic (we are thinking of starting a family) and I wasn’t too sure if the church will see our marriage a true or if we will have toi be re-married by a Priest. Any advise would be helpful.

If you did not receive permission to marry outside the church, then your marriage needs to be blessed. The best source of information is your pastor.

i married a Catholic man in an Episcopalian ceremony - i was not Catholic at the time.

after being received into the Catholic church, the priest failed to tell me (said i “slipped through the cracks”) that my marriage needed to be convalidated, meaning blessed by the Church. we did so last year on our 14th wedding anniversary so this year, on our 15th, it was also our 1st :slight_smile:

i can honestly say that something great happens when you receive the Sacrament of marriage. if you are attending a Catholic church, i believe it is a requirement that you do so if you wish to remain receiving the Holy Eucharist. otherwise, you are not considered being in a state of grace. also, i don’t believe any of this will happen until he is received in the Church at the Easter vigil.

you should meet with your pastor.

(somebody back me up or shoot down this idea…this is according to my understanding.)


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