Re-Opening Mass Responsibly

I think not too!

And now this:

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What happened at the Holy Ghost parish mentioned in the article has been discussed in another thread in this forum. I hope the local health department follows this up with a thorough contact tracing to see how the priests got infected and also to stop the further spread of COVID-19 among the parishioners.

It’s exactly for this reason why Archbishop Sample of the Archdiocese of Portland Oregon has directed the parishes in his archdiocese to keep tract of and have up-to-date contact information about everyone who attends a Mass in his archdiocese.

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The plan is fine, but if the pastor doesn’t follow it, then what?

I would suspect the pastor would have a serious one-to-one with one of his superiors in the diocese. If the pastor keeps not following the directives of his ordinary, the ordinary can always assign another priest to be the pastor of that particular parish, a priest that will obey the directives coming from his bishop.

Most retail establishments don’t have people lingering for an hour or thereabouts.

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They don’t? Which ones? There are always some who take that long to buy groceries, and the home improvement stores easily have people take an hour.


Try using the 3M air filters for your HVAC system. The 3M 2500 filter, available at Lowes & Home Depot is the highest rated. You just have to disassemble the cardboard and the wire mesh, cut to fit the pocket in your fabric mask and you have a near N95 mask.

Leave the vacuum filters alone - I still use a bagged vacuum cleaner and prefer to use the HEPA bags.

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Wow! Great idea! I would never have thought of that. I have a similar filter (3M 1085) in the garage, I just went out and looked at it, and that would do the trick. Only problem, is there any danger of breathing in unwanted fibers?

If you have the single layer of filter between two pieces of cotton fabric, shouldn’t be a problem I would think. Also, God created our noses to act as filters for our bodies. Keep your nose blown and moisturized - this was a tip from an ENT doc.


I make face masks out of HEPA-rated vacuum cleaner bags, but it is very important to get a pattern that allows a good fit and then to make sure the masks is fitted to your face when you use it.

Obviously, if your glasses are fogging up and/or you can feel exhalations flowing on the skin of your neck, your mask is probably serving mostly to catch larger aerosol droplets coming out of you. The air you are taking in is probably mostly going around the mask, though. This is especially true if your non-rigid mask does not rise and fall at all when you breathe.

Since it is estimated that 50-80% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 aren’t showing and may never show symptoms, though, we shouldn’t discount the value of cutting our production of breath aerosols. Because infection is dependent on viral dose, cutting production of virus-carrying aerosols should help to markedly lower the rate of transmission.

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