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I am a convert to the Catholic Fatih from a Protestant background. This may help those of you answering my post to understand why this situation is a hard one for me. Here goes:

Are we as Catholics required to believe what I think are termed “private revelations” of some of the Saints? I was recently doing some reading about the 15 prayers given to St. Bridget of Sweden, when it is said that Jesus reveled to her that He received 5,480 blows to His body during the scourging/crucifixion. I later read about “The Pieta Prayerbook”, a book which is said to contain the words from a letter which was found in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. This letter was dictated by Our Lord to St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary, as well as to St. Matilda and St. Bridget. This letter states that Jesus revealed to these Saints that the wounds/blows his body received were more than 6,666. In both of these situations, Jesus is qouted as telling these Saints different numbers of wounds/blows that He received (St. Bridget was told by Our Lord that he received 5,480 bwounds/blows, Pieta Prayerbook more than 6,666). I love my Catholic Faith and do not want to be lukewarm about any of the Church’s teachings, but I am really bewildered as to why Jesus would tell one person He received this many wounds/blows, and then tell someone else he received a totally different number of wounds/blows. Are we required as Catholics to believe these kinds of revelations/apparitions? I have been told that at least one of these private revelations received the approval of Pope Pius XII. I hope I have explained this situation clearly. Please help!

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No, we are not required to believe any private revelations as they do not belong to the Deposit of Faith (Scripture and Tradition). Also remember that the writings of the Saints are not all approved by the Church, unless they are also Doctors of the Church (and even then sometimes their Doctorate is limited to certain areas). The Saints are holy men and women who are worthy of imitation, but they can make mistakes the same as the rest of us.


This article from *This Rock * magazine may help:

**Revelation: Public and Private **


We Roman Catholics ARE NOT required to believe the “:private revalations”: of anyone. Only a few of thge writtings of Saints have been shown to be authentic. We do not have to believe them either. We are required to believe the Dogma of the Catholic Church, and thats it.

Last year near my home there was a “:picture”: of Mary that appeared on the rusty door of an abandoned truck. It was on TV. Do you think our Bishop ran there to look approve or disapprove? NO.


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