Re-Plater/Restorer of Sacred Vessels?

Can anyone recommend a good shop that re-plates and repairs sacred vessels? I would very much like to deal with a shop who does their own gold/silver plating and repair work and not someone who just tacks on their XY% for taking an order. Thanks very much.

Please feel free to send me a private note if you like.

Where do you live? If you want someone local, or mail order this information would be very helpful.

Greater Los Angeles California.

Either local or mail would be fine…

In Padadena there is a shop called Alberto’s Polish & Refinish (626)793-2312. I purchased several chalices and ciboria that needed plating before being sent to the oversees missions. Alberto’s son did a good job.

There is an Orthodox jeweler in New Jersey (wish I knew where) called Court Square Jewellers.

It’s run by a Russian Orthodox subdeacon.

He was ordained subdeaon PRECISELY so he could handle sacred vesses to repair and replate them.

Thanks! Does Alberto’s have theor own plating tanks? Thanks again.

It is his son who does the work. The shop is small, so I don’t know if he doesit on sight or at another shop. They usually give a discount for ecclesiastical items, and ther specialze in stripping and polishing, brass beds, hardware etc, and don’t advertize the plating services. If they can’t do it, Normandy Plating on Rosemead just south of Colorado Blvd, also does plating, but they are very very slow.

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