Re: Prayer Request and need Advise

Dear Friends,
Me and my family is Roman Catholic and we are from Pakistan.Please pray for my alder sister she heated attacked last night. Her Name is Khalida.She is married with children they are very younger. So plz pray for her that God heal her as soon. If any Nun and Priest Read my massage please keep her in yours Mass.
Please also advise me that what typ of things are faithful or usefull if she use in diet. If any Doctor there.

I will be praying for your sister. What exactly happened to her?

Heated attack, could that be fever? I will pray.

I think our sister in Christ had a heart attack.

You and your family are in my prayers. Hang in there. I will put Khalida’s name in for our prayer groups at the Parish.

I thought heart attack too.

My prayers for your sister :gopray2:

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