Re: Proving God Exists

It seems that the Philosophy room doesn’t get near the visits of the general apologetics room. Here is my ad:

There could be some serious theism vs atheism writing going on, so I hope to see more of the big guns on these forums helping out.

Mods: If you think that my thread would be better off in this room (Apologetics) then by all means, please move it! :thumbsup:

who are you trying to prove it to, yourself or someone else? one word proves it " HISTORY" God has been proven to exsist since history has been written down and before that in oral if you say I don’t believe history, you would have to not believe any history, secular or religious, how could you say some is true ie: ww1 &ww2 but OT & NT history is not? would the early Christians chose to be martyred if they did not know God exsisted.

Honestly? I just want to validate the dogma that I take on faith, as I said in the OP. I’m sick of not having an argument for theism to which an atheist may only grumble, rather than present a reasonable counter-argument.

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