Re. soul gender, what about transexuals?

I was intrigued by Father Vincent Serpa’s response to the question on whether the soul has a gender. The common argument given by transsexuals (I admit I’m not even sure I’m using the preferred term) is that they were born into the wrong sex. Does the fact that the soul has no gender give merit to this argument?

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I said that gender is a body thing. Human beings are incarnate spirits. We are a union of both. Even though the soul leaves the body at death, it is incomplete without it and will eventually be re-united with it. The body is not a matter of clothing for a soul that is really me. My body is me just as much as my soul is me.

No one is given the wrong body any more than one is given the wrong soul. If one doesn’t feel right with the body one has, this is a feeling problem; not a body problem. Even though I have feelings, I am not my feelings. I AM my body.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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