Re: TLM & the Young

St. Gianna Latin Mass Community in Tucson AZ ( has a lot of younger parishoners. The young people are looking for direction in their life. They want people to tell them what is good and bad. How often are the evils of birth control, abortion or homosexuality addressed at LifeTeen Masses. Young people love the reveverence and worshipfulness in TLM. LifeTeen and other such programs bring in aspects of the secular world into the Church (modern music, disregard of the sacrifice of the Mass). The Church will never and should never compete with the secular world in the area of entertainment. If the young folks wanted a rock concert they would go see one.

If you want young people to be excited about the Mass inform them about TLM. Most people, including myself once, do not even know TLM exists or that it was celebrated for 1500 years until 1970. Educate them on what the Catholic Church teaches and that it is a hard path to follow to be true to it. Young people will take up the challenge. I think the only thing Life Teen produces in the next crop of Cafeteria Catholics.

I am assuming that you posted this in the “LifeTeen” or “How do we bring younger people to the Mass?” threads?

BTW- I total agree with you. But perhaps our confuzzled youth are not ready to take on the whole TLM quite yet. Perhaps “easing” them into the traditionalism via the Latin NO would be far more appropriate?

However- I do confess that I love P&W music, just not during Mass. I adore the P&W time my Parish has before Mass. We P&W, we do the Rosary, and then we have Sacred Silence (occasionally it is Rosary and the P&W, but not always). The Mass is much more traditional than I expected from a Charismatic Mass, but we do occasionally have some P&W songs (by Catholic authors that are liturgically appropriate to the time. NEVER during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, but for the Entrance or Recessional)
Personally, I think this is a fabulous way to “attract” the youngins’ (like me) It gives us/them the best of V2 and the fabulousness of Traditionalism.

I am a young person and I am more drawn to the Latin Mass. The Tridentine Mass seems far more holy, reverent, and sacred. I hope that more young people attend the Latin Mass so that it will be continued to be celebrated in many years to come. Hopefully, it may even become the ordinary form of the Mass again.

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