Re Vatican II: Time for a new Syllabus?

I saw this story on A New Syllabus?

From the blog “Rorate Caeli

A veritable hurricane struck at Rome yesterday, December 17, 2010, just steps away from the Basilica of St. Peter: a bishop has offered nothing less than … the reassertion of the infallible magisterium of the Church.

Yesterday, December 17, it was Monsignor Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Karaganda who highlighted the event during his communication on the theme of the worship of God as the theological basis for the pastoral council. Offering a long anthology of very theologically orthodox quotations extracted from the conciliar texts, **he somehow presented to his audience selected texts of a Vatican II, “more orthodox than Trent.” **The captatio benevolentiae was particularly effective; the assembly anxiously awaited the next words to fall from the bishop’s mouth. It was then, while denouncing the misinterpretation of the council in the post-conciliar period, that the bishop concluded his remarks by suggesting…the writing of a Syllabus infallibly condemning "the misinterpretation of the Vatican Council II”.

I wonder what this would actually mean. Our parish has started studying some VII documents.
They seem rather vague … :hmmm:

seems rather hostile to both Pre and Post Vatican II senarios.

It’s great that your parish is studying the VII documents. They are an expression of the highest teaching authority of the Church, and so important. Blessings!

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