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Hey Pavo…

No, I don’t think the majority of priests are Sex Offenders… Here’s a litte Write UP with regard to abuse within the Catholic Church.

That said, My diocese alone has already paid out 25 MILLION dollars in damages due to sex scandle.

They are in the process of defending themselves again, because some 5 men, BOYS I KNEW were terribly abused by a priest from our parish.

Now, you should expect a knee jerk reaction… You said FELONY - CHILD PORNOGRAPHY…

You did not say, peeing in public. Surely, you church did not get upset about you peeing in public. Your girlfriend did not leave you because you peed in public…

But you have not defined your offense. Nor do you need to. However knee jerk reaction. Until I know EXACTLY what you did. You may not under any circumstance as a priest or otherwise have access to my children.

With regard to stats. Hmmm… Perhaps statistically I’m wrong. I’ll look into it.

However, the 2 priest from our parish (at 2 seperate times) had a LONG LIST of boys they assualted. Over YEARS of time… So , do you mean re-offend after they get caught? Well, maybe now adays it’s not as EASY. But, I’m not about to make it easy!

I’m aware of a horror story of a guy in high school that date raped several girls… No one pressed charges… I wonder how far he’s gotten in life?

And, well, If you just had 3 pics of little girls or boys… ICK…ICK…ICK!

Sorry… I would not consider you a safe bet… Based ONLY on what I know…

This article touches on how I feel about it… I don’t believe in gambling with Kids…

A religious community shouldn’t & likely wouldn’t admit a convicted felon (for sex crimes) but unless I missed something, the OP never said they committed a sex crime. If it didn’t involve physical, emotional, or sexual harm to another person, a community might accept them- unless it has an apostolate they wouldn’t be able to do because of their record (for example, a convicted felon probably wouldn’t be able to join a teaching community that staffs schools where state certification is required because they won’t be able to get it).

See post #8


I know this is an old post and you probably made some life decisions already. Good advice here already. However I just wanted to say that I think that if you commit yourself to a personal vocation, rather than a canonized institutionalized one, I am sure you can still obtain the graces,forgiveness and recognition you strive for.

For instance in the case of a devotion to St. Francis, if you decide to become a permanent assistant at a local soup kitchen, or perhaps some other charitable organization, he is quite aware that you are trying to make amends and that you are being called in spite of the past record. I am sure that in his eyes you are Franciscan if not formally, at least in name. Your name will have been written into the heart of the Saint.

You could additionally substitute the close prayer group these vocations provide by having your own or attending a Rosary group. Christ will be with you just has he would has a member of those vocations. Your private vocation will have just as much worth. Christ decides who produces the best fruits of labor, and he will know the struggles you are having.

I think it would be best for you to avoid high security positions which will call for a background check, and do just has valuable a duty in the lessor positions. Why just recently Brother Andre of Montreal was canonized. His life was one of lower tasks and menial work and he was never elevated to higher posts. God found favor with him due to his dedication to prayer and love of God, and soon people were healed by a simple request by him. His life is one of inspiration.

So I see a positive in your future. You are already of a good attitude with confessions and Church attendance. As the others say you will need to work on those temptations.

I wish you all the best. :thumbsup:


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