Reaching out to Famous Anti-Catholics

Has anyone ever tried to convert people like Jack Chick, Dave Hunt, and David Stewart to Catholicism? If so, I hope they don’t give up.

With most evengelicals, your wasting your time. I know this as a former Protestant and coming from an all Protestant family! :banghead:

If someone is making a lot of money and earning great worldly fame by attacking Christianity, he has very little motivation to change.

I agree, and will add that one of the reasons is not only a personal belief on their part, but that they have made anti-catholicism into a major business. All of them live extremely well on what they earn by spreading their bigotry! Never forget that no one breaks their own rice bowl!

I’ve prayed that Richard Dawkins be converted.

I like to think of him as maybe Bishop Dawkins in an alternate reality.:slight_smile:

I suspect you would like him to be converted into a Catholic. I’d be happy if that happened. I’d also like to convert him into a better representative for science.

Also, I’m sure it’s very difficult to contact these famous bigots, 'cause they probably get constantly bombarded with emails.

I go to the bible studies at three non denominational churches and discuss the catholic position on scripture I haven’t converted anyone but I has really taken the anti-catholic position out of thier churches. It’s a super rush also to be there in a room
Full of anti Catholics and identify myself as a catholic.

I can relate.

I teach in an SDA school and am getting my PHD at an SDA uni (closest schools to home before anyone asks)

There is a massive anti catholic sentiment and while i haven’t been a practising catholic for many years i know enough to put a stop to the hate that comes from identifying as being raised catholic.

I am the elephant in the room lol

What about James Mcarthy? He started off Catholic and went against it later on.

The Stewart, at least, it would be a long road to travel. He hates Luther and Lutherans almost as much Catholics. :stuck_out_tongue:


You might understand that many evangelists and evangelicals were anti-Catholic at one point in their lives and now are not. Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Chuck Colsen come to mind. Also there are the Christian Crusade folks who became Anglican leaders.

Characterizing Protestant leaders all as anti-Catholics, and wondering how to convert them is something I don’t understand.

One fulfills one’s faith by experiencing the Love of others, and asking and sharing the faith.

In any case, Catholics might better spend their time “converting” lapsed Catholics, the 2nd largest religious group in the US. That is the teaching of more than one Holy Father.

I agree.

I browsed thru his children’s book, The Magic of Reality. It is sad to see someone so blinded by materialism that they resort to disinformation in a children’s book. Add to that the fact that he decorated his children’s book with sexually-suggestive artwork, and you realize that he has become quite desperate and petty.

Also, notice that he has plenty of time to debate clerics but very little time to debate scientific heavyweights like Michael Behe.

I have never seen that book. I shall now be looking out for it. I am tired of him constantly attacking religion. That is not what science is about. I am a scientist and he gives us a bad name. I find it perverse that someone behaves in this way when they held the post of Professor of Public Understanding of Science.

Yes, we should reach out to the lapsed Catholics, although it’s very difficult for me to do. I’ve tried evangelizing Cafeteria Catholics a few times in the past. Turns out that most of them admit they don’t believe everything the bible says. Their view of the scriptures is a big challenge for me.

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