Reaching out to Muslim families

During this Year of Mercy, I’d like to offer Christmas gifts to Muslim families, especially any who are in need. Any ideas on how I could achieve this goal? Thanks.

(I am not wanting to give through Islamic centers or go through any third party Islamic organizations -I want to make direct contact with actual Muslims, or support someone else who can.)

Any refugees coming your way? We got about 400 heading to my area and my Arabic Christian friend and I plan on helping them with food/language/integration, and of course Jesus.

That’s a great idea.:thumbsup: I’ll have to look into that.

It would be nice if the USCCB had something set up. Maybe if not Christmas then for Easter?

…Its the Jubilee year of mercy! :slight_smile:

This is a nice thread, OP. :slight_smile:

Try Refugee Centres

I volunteer as a teacher/tutor of English to refugees and have a number of Muslim refugees as students. I’m sure US has a similar program run by City Councils or Local Government authorities.

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