Reaching out to those more sinful


Firstly thank you for restoring my Catholic self-esteem. I was starting to think I owned the Wooden Spoon.
But now I realise, in the scheme of things I am much higher on the food chain. I may even be your common everyday sinner, which is a relief to say the least. It’s true I was higher than that at one stage. Reaching semi-finals in 2016 Championship for least sinful CAF member. The actual winner whose name escapes me now, was overrated though imo. I certainly didn’t vote for him or was it a she?
I never miss Mass for instance. Which just puts me leaps and bounds above those careless souls who only go every other week. And what about those heathens that only attend at Christmas! They don’t even know that Easter is a more important date to attend anyway! I guess God forgives their ignorance but honestly, I just get annoyed at the thought.


I don’t see how people who go to mass once a year are even Catholic (in a material sense). Of course some people might have a valid reason, but that’s probably not a majority. It kind of shows a lack of devotion or seriousness. There is more to Christian perfection than going to mass every week.


Missing Mass is a Cardinal Sin!
The road to Christian perfection is via regular Mass attendance!


Mass does have a lot of spiritual value because of the infinite power of the Sacrifice and the sacrament of Holy Communion is powerful is its properly received. I think I just meant attending in a more superficial and socialized way.


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