Reaching Perfection

  1. What is the best attitude 2 have about sin in yourself, society & others? I do not know if it is enough 2 just ignore it. U cannot fight or correct all sins in this life.

  2. Sins against chastity is a big 1 4 me as a young adult. Y is chastity so important? If it is the least of all, seven deadly sin, y does it get all the attention? It seems like the least likely “sin” 4 ne1 2 give up. Easiest 2 rationalize.

  3. Can we fight the pride/vanity within ourselves well?

  4. Im beginning 2 C y doing things Gods way is best, but I still wonder y God gave us freewill if in the end we must act the way He wants us 2.

  5. R there certain sins that should not be corrected by others? I always think of how personal sexual sins R & wonder if ne1 has the right 2 tell anyone they R wrong in that area. It will quickly get ugly. Shouldn’t we as Christians B focused on purifying ourselves B4 correcting others?

  6. What is the difference between sin & mistake? Y does God 4give mortal sins if they R done deliberately?

Jesus to St Faustina -

Gaze on My Heart filled with goodness, and be imbued with My sentiments. Strive for meekness and humility; be merciful to others, as I am to you; and, when you feel your strength failing, if you come to the fountain of mercy to fortify your soul, you will not grow weary on your journey. (Diary, 1486)

I think it’s a big one for a lot of people, including myself, we all struggle with it (I’m 23), it gets a lot of attention precisely because so many of us struggle with it. If you give it some reflection, I think it will become rather clear and you will find it rather difficult to rationalize.

I think so, as pride has always been a perception thing in my experience and once recognized can be corrected.

Yes, however, if an opportunity presents itself where you can give brotherly/sisterly guidance and correct someone as you yourself would wish to be corrected, it would be right to do so. If you have resentment, envy, bitterness in your heart when you try to correct someone, than I don’t believe it will bear any fruit.

When one is contrite/repents than God forgives them. God can forgive any sin, but he cannot forgive the will to sin.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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