Reaction to sin influenced by other sin

I’ve been reading that some people say that when you are drunk you are guilty of any sin you might do in that state.

but what happens when your reaction to sin in influenced by others sins? for example lets say you steal something and in the rush of getting away and such you dont recognize other sins you make, or at least you react slower to stop them, does that mean that they become mortal also because your reasoning was influenciated by other sin , or because you did not lost your concience and you did your best to try to stop them they remain venial since you did not have full knowlede of them.

of course the example is just hypotethical, it is whatever that could cloud your mind enough to make you overlook certain stuff or to react slower because of the sin you are commiting.

I am kind of confused by your post, but I will do my best to give a thorough response. Sinning while under the influence of alcohol that one deliberately consumed, which lead to drunkenness, is a sin.

Mortal sin clouds the mind, and therefore is a prime distortion of one “seeing clearly,” so to speak. How can one adequately think and discern if they are bound down by deep, deep sin? They cannot.

this may help you especially article 4

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