Read Catholic Bible in a Year

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So this plan is laid out to be as easy as it could possibly be, and I think someone had to go to a lot of trouble to do it!!!

On the linked page are lists by week of scheduled readings for the day, but there is also a link to go to the daily readings linked to Bible Gateway where each day’s reading is there in its entirety. How could it possibly be easier?

So I’m going to do this and hope that it will help others as well :slight_smile:

Have fun.

Enjoy the first few chapters of 1 Chronicles.


Because the half-way point is reached then?

I used an app (YouBible, I believe it was) to read the Bible 3 times over 4 years… right before I became a Catholic in 2010. It’s very valuable… I now have at least cursory knowledge and quotability of most scripture. Just don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by the tougher books (ie Numbers).

What I like about this is that it seems very doable, like Numbers won’t overwhelm me because it’s very finite. And this way, knowing I will get through the rest of the Bible, I can read other parts as I please at a different time!

Reading the entire canon is a nice gesture, but why set a time limit? Doing that might just be vanity.

More important than mere reading is to ponder, study, pray, share, and more importantly, strive to live the scriptures throughout your lifetime rather than to just say “I read them in a year!”

However, enjoy your read, and I pray it brings you closer to Christ!

Encouraging post! Although I have read much, but not all. and this has some organization to it. thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

I bought all of my catechists a pamphlet that basically does something similar.
My hope was that they’d AT LEAST get through the Psalms and the NT

I am following this plan. I copied and pasted into an excel spreadsheet. With a lot of resizing I ended up with an eight page booklet the size of a half sheet of paper. It fits nicely inside my bible. I am old fashioned in the sense that I like checking the days off with pen and paper.

OH, I don’t have a time limit, it’s just that that is how the plan is laid out. I need a plan to provide focus, otherwise I will just dither. pI realized if I had read just one page a day since I returned to the Church, I’d have read the entire Bible more than 7 times :o and decided that I really need to do this. Not that I don’t read the Bible, just that I haven’t read all of it.

That is a good idea! I was wondering how to keep track of the days! Thank you!

That is a good idea! I was wondering how to keep track of the days! Thank you!

I found some of those books of the old testament very interesting particularly where God is speaking. You understand God’s position rather than the image that atheists paint of Him as cruel, He gave so many chances.


Interesting perspective. You are doing better than me. I am having a hard time getting through the old testament parts.

Some parts are very tough especially the genealogy or reading about the measurements of the new temple.

Some books are easier than others.

You know, I think I agree with you.

I think it might be more fruitful to simply focus on reading a chapter or two a day, rather than the three or four it would take to read Sacred Scripture over a year.

I never quite thought about it from your perspective before, and in addition to maybe being a bit vain or prideful, this might just be a Protestant tradition that Catholics have taken up in recent years.

Thank you for posting this!

Disagree about vanity. It’s more like, a dream is a goal with a deadline. That’s why the YouBible app worked well for me… I knew every day the scriptures would be queued up, so I read them. It’s actually more like a concerted effort to accomplish something of value, than it is vanity. And a year is very doable. I tried one of their 3-month plans, and couldn’t keep up. So I humbly recognized the fact, as spoken by Clint Eastwood…that…

Yeah… I don’t understand the vanity claim either. It just gives you a focus. Some people need a focal point more than others. Me being one them. Without something to shoot for it will never get done. It will definitely take me more than a year to complete because I will slack off and lose focus but without a clear path to follow it will never get done.

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