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I am a nerd, I love games, both electronic and table top and recently I read something that made stop and think. In a popular table top game Warhammer 40,000, there is a race called the Eldar (basically space elves). The back story to them is that the Eldar were once the most powerful race in the galaxy, ruling the stars. They created new technology to make their lives easier and easier, this lead to them having more time for indulgence and pleasure. However, as they lived extended lives, they eventually grew bored of pleasures and sought more expensive and dangerous indulgences. This eventually lead to a society of decadence which glorified anythign that brought pleasur,e even killing and torture and lead to the Eldar fall, where the combination of their psychic potential lead to them accidently creating a new god of Chaos and obliterating their race.

What made me stop is this seems rather similar doesnt it? We are creating technology to make our lives easier and easier, leading for us having a lot of free time and our society is slowly slipping into decadance. Now obviously fantasy and reality are seperate but it does draw similarities. As people have more free time, they usually go to somewhere where they can access activities to relax and take pleasure in. The internet provides games, movies, music etc, however, eventually most people will be drawn to the darker side of the net, pronography. And as any porn addict will tell you, eventually they have to go even deeper into the darker stuff as the ‘normal’ porn wont have the same effect it used to have.

I worry we may go ‘Roman’ again and sink to the level of watching people kill each other for sport, back to the old gladiatory arenas though only on ‘pay per view’ and bootlegged on the net. :frowning:

Very poignant story. I don’t particularly see gladiator games coming back in the forseeable future, though some movies are essentially tapping into the same nerve, through simulation.

As a Tolkien fan though, I hate to hear that the name of the Eldar has been run through the mud like this. The Eldar (especially the Noldor) were not perfect, but that was primarily due to the presumption of the Valar in attempting to shield them from the struggles of this world. Also, in the case of the Fëanor and his sons, there was the absolutisizing of temporal claims to property and vengeance.

Edit: Oh yes, I almost forgot about the bloody history between the Sindar and the dwarves, with plenty of blame to go around on both sides. There was (in my opinion) a lesson about Christians and Jews there, no matter how much Tolkien may have claimed to have hated allegory (he himself made the connection between the dwarves and the Jews, though). My point, however, is that an entirely degenerate race of Elves is not exactly in keeping with the original idea of the Eldar.

I think I should point out there are two eldar, the Eldar and the Dark Eldar. The Eldar are few in number but not evil. In fact their Exarchs, military leaders are confined to their respective temples as they are unable to take off their War mask (a state of mind that Eldar usually keep seperate from their real selves, allowing them not to be tainted by war and fall under the hand of Khain, their God of War) and thus to dangerous to be allowed to enter regular society. Only the Dark Eldar are evil, the other Eldar are the exact opposite. Just thought id clear that up :stuck_out_tongue:

But humanity did just that, they destroyed themselves once through war.

the other Eldar are the exact opposite. Just thought id clear that up

Ha, the Eldar are hardly the bastion of Good. They would allow billions of humans to die for the sake of preserving a few thousand of their fallen race. Not only that but there is no greater backstabber that the Imperium of Man has ever had to face!

May the Ordo Xenos purge the Eldar witches!

Wouldnt be to hard considering Matt Ward turned the Grey Knights into unbeatable gods in the new codex v.v

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