Read Hillary Clinton's 1971 letter to Saul Alinsky



Is there another link to video about how the public schools teach “Alinsky”.

I can’t seem to access the video.


Hilary will be handed the baton from Obama,she will then take off running and further entrench Alinsky’s idology into the fabric of our Nation…wake up people!!!


Divini Redemptoris



That may be what the mainstream media wants everyone to think, but in reality her numbers have taken quite a dive.

If the 2016 presidential election were today, she’d be in trouble in some key swing states.


Assuming she still believes exactly the same things she did when she was 23 years old. Many of us change, even if just a little, in our ideologies.


She will find a way to dance around this - just like Benghazi.

When they see Bill and Hillary with their first grandchild - hearts will melt and all will be forgiven.


Hope springs eternal…:wink:


Most people that read this letter either won’t get it or won’t care.
Sadly that is our modern electorate.


Well, as much as I’d like watching her go down in flames there is a problem: worthless candidates to run against her. Get used to the idea of an HRC Reign of Terror.


Speaking as someone who would never vote for Clinton, bringing up the fact that she was a radical youth forty years ago is desperately weak. I hope the opposition brings to bear sterner stuff – not that it matters, since whoever opposes her will be as beholden to corporate campaign contributions as she is, and not particularly concerned with a life lived in grace.


By worthless candidates do you mean democrats or are republicans included in the category.

Having to follow 8 years of Obama with Hillary as our next president is almost too depressing to even think about.


Yep. Both. I can already see it. The GOP will barf up the usual Three Exceptions candidate, and then the Catholic blogosphere will threaten us to vote for this consequentialist lame-O or the babies will get it.


Who do you think will run against her on the democrat side except for joe biden?


We really are between a rock and a hard place politically.The ruthless tactics of the Dems,coupled with the ever present ineptitude of the Republicans is a guarantee that if HC is the nominee,we will indeed suffer another four years at least of this misery:(
If Elisabeth Warren is the nominee,then we may have a fighting chance at taking over the WH.Then again that really depends on who the Repubs put up as a nominee.So far,I am not impressed,in fact on either side is there really anyone who fits the bill?
It boils down to who has the better stragedy for winning and I am pretty sure that isn’t the ReRepublicans:eek:


I don’t think Hillary can survive Benghazi and there is no reason that one of her competitors will not use it in a campaign against her. She may have lied to congress which is a crime.


Does anyone that isn’t a conservative really care if Hillary associated with Alinsky?

For that matter, does anyone that isn’t a conservative really believe that there is a genuine scandal surrounding Benghazi?

I think the answer would be ‘no’ on both fronts, and thus do not see how they influence the next presidential election.


.Perception is reality,especially as it pertains to politics.and with the added benefit of a complicit media,who twist the facts to suit their agenda, people who buy their
“News” ,hook line and sinker, I have to agree with you,sad but true.


Oh, Joe Biden is a conservative eh? Wishful thinking if people don’t think Democrats are going to use this against Hillary.

And for whatever you say, whether it be jaywalking or lying to congress, a crime is a crime. Lying to congress may be beyond the control of the “conservatives”.


The Dems love to be the first to elect(fill in the blank).They owe Hilary BIGTIME.Just as they made certain Obama would win a second term,so will they be certain,if she chooses to run,that she not only gets the nomination but wins the election as well. They don’t want slow Joe to run,even if he does,he won’t stand a chance against HC

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