Read Pope Francis’ Speech on the Poor and Indigenous Peoples

Pope Francis spoke about the problems faced by the poor and indigenous peoples at the Second World Meeting of the Popular Movements at the Expo Feria Exhibition Centre in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on Thursday.


Law is what the people need. Laws that protect people from tyrranny. Once governments follow the laws they enforce, and start enforcing the laws upon citizens that are necessary for a proper society they will find that they will improve.

…It’s not a love of money or success or improvement that causes strife in a society. It is the tolerance of injustice and the breaking of rules. It is the lack of discipline / responsibility.

This economic reform talk and the criticisms of money is not the right road. The key is to make rules and follow through with them without exception. Discipline is key, from politicians to the indiginous poor, all forms of corruption must be punished. And the laws they write will be their only guide.

The world needs rules. God gave us rules, and there are rules in physics and nature. But today, nobody wants to follow the rules. That’s the problem according to my view.

Anti-Corruption in South America

“in enforcing anti-corruption laws, Davis and his co-authors examined an approach to institutional design that they call “institutional modularity,” which involves multiple enforcement agencies with overlapping jurisdictions that are able but not required to coordinate with one another. In a study of six South American countries, the scholars found that the modular approach has achieved some success in Brazil but may not be appropriate for neighboring countries. All six countries are grappling with the question how to design their anti-corruption institutions, and the conference was an opportunity for scholars and practitioners from across South America to connect.”

Even the most popular sport in South America is plagued with corruption… This is unacceptable, and thankfully, the United States was involved in an ongoing probe there which led to the arrests of some of soccers top executives there.

Thank God for the United States! :nunchuk:

…However, even America could be influenced in a negative way if we’re not careful!

Disregard for the Law Is America’s Greatest Threat

“Civilizations unwind insidiously not with a loud, explosive bang, but with a lawless whimper.”

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