Read the Bible in a Year


The new year will soon be upon us and is a great time to start a read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan!

Here are two websites to help you out. They are free, clickable, and easy to follow:

New Revised Standard Version uses everyday language.

Douay-Rheims : Text and language or more traditional, similar to the King James version.

If you read on a smart phone you may prefer all the readings on a single page; click here.

These are all Catholic editions so they include all of the Catholic books of the Bible.



Thanks for the link! If I may add to this, theres a plan that monks use that has them read the whole Bible in a year (except the Gospels and Psalms) based on the liturgical year.

God bless!


I have “The One Year Bible - Catholic Edition” and it includes the entire New Living translation with deuterocanonical books arranged in 365 daily readings". I read the “reading” for the day before I turn out the light at night – some of those Old Testament readings raise the hair on my head – but I mostly enjoy the readings and feel it is a strong part of my day.


Specifying an arbitrary time duration for reading scripture has the potential to place the Holy Spirit in a box.

I recognize that some people need a more structured approach but the Holy Spirit needs room to breathe. The Psalms are beautiful and it is wonderful to linger over these, as are the Gospels and Song of Songs.

I have read the Bible cover to cover three times and am now half way through my fourth, currently in the Psalms. A reading plan is good but it should be flexible enough to allow the Holy Spirit to speak with us through God’s written word. One year is quite aggressive for reading the entire Bible and we need to be able to spend more time in parts of the Scriptures where God wants to speak with us.



I think making the effort and following a plan helps to develop discipline. The more I read, the greater my hunger for scripture becomes :slight_smile:

It’s a starting point, I guess … I understand your concern but in my personal experience, the Holy Spirit is never stifled when we seek with genuine sincerity.


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