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A pilgrimage to the tomb of Father Paul of Moll O.S.B.
I had read a book about Father Paul of Moll O.S.B. the wonder worker of Belgium who lived in the nineteen century. A craft afternoon was held in my parish and in the course of the conversation one of the ladies told me that she was from Belgium.

This was the first person that I had ever met from that country and I was keen to find out if she knew about Father Paul. I put this question to her: “Do you know about Father Paul of Moll”? The answer stunned me. "Yes! he cured my mother! My mother went with a pilgrimage group to his grave in the middle of January, when it was bitterly cold and snowing. She was suffering from severe rheumatism, which tended to be at its worse during the winter months. It was her intention to pray for a healing of the rheumatism. She noticed another person in the pilgrimage group who was in greater need of healing than herself and forgetting her own need she began to pray for this person. She was cured of the rheumatism”.

This is one of the stories from my book: Help from Heaven (Answers to prayer).

The book many stories of answers to prayer. They cover several saints, the guardian angels, St Raphael the Archangel, Our Lady and Our Lord (invoked under several titles), the Miraculous Medal, Divine Mercy, The Sacred Wounds of Our Lord, The intercession of the Holy Souls in Purgatory for their benefactors, etc. There are also prayers, an article on the how to meditate on the Rosary, an article on miracles, some poems etc.

These stories came from my own experiences and also from my family, friends, relatives and acquaintances. I wrote the book, because a family friend repeatedly asked me to “write a book”. At first I did not wish to do this, but I eventually started to think about that and wondered what on earth I would write a book about. Help from heaven (Answers to prayer) is the result.

Please come and have a look. It won’t cost you anything but your time.

The book is in two parts at the following links:

Help from heaven (part one)

Help from heaven (part two – final section)

Please let your family and friends know about the book also, so that they can have a look.

I am keen to add stories to the book. If you have a story that you think would be suitable, please email me at:

(Thank you from Mary Ann)

I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful book with us. I enjoyed reading the stories and the prayers . It is lifting and truly great to see God 's love for us in each srory told. I love reading of all those miracles out Lord granted . Thanks and God bless you, John

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