Read the Catholic Bible in a Year


What better New Year’s resolution than to commit to reading the Bible daily?

Here is a plan to read the entire Catholic Bible in one year.

It has blessed me greatly and I pray others will be blessed as well.




I bought pamphlets in the same format for all my catechists. I’m excited to get started. Also with the catechism references as well. :thumbsup:
It’s great that it jumps around…makes it more likely that I will complete it.


This is a great thing we all should do for each year!!



I’d like to do this for my older boys!


Every year I say I’m going to do this. And every year I get derailed halfway through Leviticus…


This particular plan is nice in that it can be done in 20-30 minutes daily. A small part of the OT, a Psalm, a small bit of the NT, and a Catechism reference.
So it’s varietal.
You might want try this plan. I could never just pick up the Bible and hit the ground running. I know what you mean.
Although a friend’s mother who passed recently read the Bible straight through 38 times!
She was a Sunday school teacher in her Baptist church. She taught up until the past 3 years of her life. She lived to be 94.

So it’s good for your health. :wink:


Postpone Leviticus until next December. You will still remember Moses then.


Gotta love Mo.



I’ve gone through this reading plan four times now. You’re right - breaking up the Old Testament readings with New Testament Readings and Psalm/Wisdom readings helps get through the more tedious sections, yet keeps them in order and context.

It’s been such a deep blessing, and has helped me to make daily Bible reading a habit. I hope I never fall away from it - it’s such a treasure. :blush:


I’m not a fan of reading plans like this that break up the Bible and force reading according to a specific schedule.

The schedule at that website is very aggressive. I’ve read the Bible cover to cover five times, taking my time when the Spirit moves me and plowing through other texts at times. We shouldn’t force the Holy Spirit into schedule.

The Bible also tells a story. There is a plot line through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, a narrative thread. Breaking up the readings is great for topical studies but ignores the storyline. There are fourteen narrative books in the Bible - it would be better to focus on these and read the other books as supplemental to the 14 narrative books.

I recommend finding a church which offers The Bible Timeline by Great Adventure/Jeff Cavins. This study gives an excellent overview of the Bible in 24 sessions and will leave you in an excellent position to enjoy the Bible - even Leviticus - for the rest of your life.


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