Read the Conservative Wishlist for President-Elect Trump


Time for a poll…
What is your top priority?
Read the Conservative Wishlist for President-Elect Trump
A powerful coalition of social conservatives, evangelicals, Tea Partiers and fiscal hawks gathered in Washington, D.C., this week to lay out a framework for “transformative conservative leadership” under President-elect Donald Trump.

  1. Appoint “a pro-life justice” to the Supreme Court
  2. Repeal Obamacare
  3. Chuck the Iran Nuclear Deal
  4. Defund Planned Parenthood, outlaw abortions after 20 weeks and codify the Hyde Amendment
  5. Pass tax reform
  6. Undo all of Obama’s executive actions
  7. Undo DACA and DAPA
  8. Stop all new regulations
  9. Impose the strongest possible border control
  10. Possibly pass an infrastructure bill?

Initially he is speaking of 3 priorities; health care, border, jobs

Obviously he will also sack the Attorney general; Loretta Lynch
Health and human services director is also important.


We need an “all of the above”. That’s my choice. Perhaps this would be better as a multiple choice?

So exciting! :smiley:


I like #1, 3 and 4.

I strongly dislike #2 and 9

The rest I’m either unsure or dont fully understand what they would entail. :o


None of the above is my top priority. The anti-porn pledge that he made of assigning an Attorney General to make that cracking down and aggressive enforcement a top priority is my top priority.


Supreme Court justice is the first priority …

After that, definitely terminate the executive orders, repeal Obamacare, and all the rest sounds like a solid plan.


Euthanize me.


I like 1, 4, and 8.

1 and 4 are closely related.

I feel strongly towards 8 because the FDA is trying to stop the entire e-cigarette industry by practically regulating it out of existence.


Good luck in getting anything past a Senate filibuster.


[All of the above.]

However, Rand Paul already has a repatriation tax bill … 6 1/2% and the money goes into the existing transportation tax fund. That item is READY TO GO. Just a one-line tax bill.

Trump already granted one of my wishes. He fired Chris Christie who was in charge of hiring the transition team members. Mike Pence is now in charge of hiring. 4000+ positions to be filled by day one.

Chris Christie has screwed up sooo many things already. He stabbed Romney in the back. He held hands in the rain with Obama on the beach at Super Storm Sandy. When Lautenberg died, instead of replacing him with a local NJ conservative, Christie instead held another election and that Senate seat went to a left wing Democrat. And on and on.


Wow. This list is quite a wishlist.

I think the biggest mistake new administrations make is thinking too big and trying to do too much too early. A frenzy of partisan activity that alienates the opposition, not to mention scares the hell out of them. I would much prefer to see a concrete, pragmatical step by step, this and that approach to fixing illegal immigration, health care, terrorism, domestic and international. The Democrats, at least some of the more moderate ones, should have a say and be on board with two or three out of every five things Trump does. He needs to hold firm on the Supreme Court, but if he throws bones the way Reagan did to Tip O’Neill both sides can at least survive this in peaceful and productive co-existence. Of course I am romanticizing the current left (and possibly Trump) here a little bit, but who knows. I expect Trump to be surprisingly moderate - the left will figure that out and it could in the end be the right that flips out. But I also think Trump has a loyal streak that runs very deep - he will fight to give his supporters their Supreme Court nominee. But we need to remember he is not a dyed in the wool conservative. Don’t be surprised if he swerves from that. (Let me be clear here that I do want Trump to stand firm and push through changes from the right. Internationally and domestic. My big one right now is the Supreme Court working within the limitations of the Constitution and not rewriting the national social and cultural agenda for us.) Take down Common Core, please. Back to the states.

As for Tonto, uh, excuse me, Britain, getting into such a tizzy over the phone call order from Trump, calm down, guys. Trump is not a traditionalist, sorry. He told May he wanted to work with her and that he valued the SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP. He said he wanted to emulate the Thatcher/Reagan relationship. Do you realize what he is saying there? Trump will be an incredibly strong ally for Britain. I think this freak out is more guilt (‘where are my manners’) to be honest. I *love *the irony of Farage suddenly becoming the unofficial British Ambassador. I have to pinch myself here, I really do.

I think the most surprising thing will be - what a good thing this election is, for the US and everyone else. Trump could very well be quite good at the job. Project Fear has taken a major hit. Now, as for the neurosis, even psychosis that fueled it…I don’t know if Trump can fix that. Maybe Nieztsche or God on that one. The left has become one sick place: anger, depression, anxiety, undermining their reason, their adaptability. (both sides of the pond) In the US, they have spent the last eight years unlearning tolerance, self-control and respect for those with whom they disagree, nurturing the most basic unhinged self-indulgence. Actually making it the law of the land along the way. “Shared values.”

I feel like someone’s fixed the cultural carbon monoxide leak. I am curious to see though what I have to say in a year or two…I went for Obama too remember. :wink:


This could reduce unemployment:

Voluntary self-deportation.



Why, Repubs control all houses?


This is very, very unfortunate as several of those people, especially younger people, were fleeing violence and may face death upon returning home.


On that basis, we should admit everyone.

OR, we could start a pro-democracy project in all of those other countries.

We actually used to do that.

Freedom House is such a group … if it is still around.

I just checked. Freedom House IS still around:

Atlas is another such group:

Foundation for Economic Education is another:


A lot of this is not true.

A lot of this is merely people who are using the positive exchange rate to send money home to buy land, etc.


There are tons of articles available on the subject of remittances:


No, monte, it is true:


I went ahead and voted #1 because I know full well what you mean.

But without sounding nitpicky I think I should point out what we need on the

Supreme Court are “Constructionist Judges” that limit the powers of the

Supreme Court and who in theory could personally support abortion but also

would know that such cases as Roe v Wade should be overturned an would

vote to do so and send the abortion battle back to the States where it should be.



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