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I am Catholic and am wondering, is it o.k. for me to read a translation of the Qur’an to be able to interpret it for myself when discussing with Islamic friends? I do not know how to read Arabic currently so I would be reading it in English. I know that I must treat it with respect as Muslims treat the Qur’an (not writing in it, not damaging it, &c.,) Also, is there anything I should know besides a basic background of Islam before I read it?

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Just realize that your Muslim friends may not accept your interpretation. Strictly speaking, Islam only accepts the Arabic version as the legitimate version.

I don’t see the harm in that, at least for apologetic purposes. I have read it and the Quran gave me a better perspective on Islam.

I think it is ok to read the Quran for the sake of knowledge. Personally I do not enjoy reading it so it is something I will not be indulging in.

I just attended an excellent lecture on this subject at the Institute of Catholic Culture this past weekend. The name of the talk was *“The Bible and the Qur’an, Can they both be right?” * and the speaker was Professor David Bertaina, who obtained his Phd from Catholic University of America in Semitic Languages and Literature. Here is his background/biography.

The lecture was recorded on video and is available free on the Institute’s website. This talk dealt exactly with what you are asking about. It also dealt with how to and what one can discuss with Muslims using the Bible and the Qur’an together. How to read the Qur’an from a historical and Catholic perspective. Also keeping in mind who the first readers of the Qur’an were and what they knew about the Bible as they were reading the Qur’an. It was highly informative and I am sure this could be really interesting for you too. Here is the link to the video lecture:

Good Luck.

I have a very nice “translation/commentary” on the Holy Qur’an. It is easy to read yet difficult to understand as any 'translation" of the Qur’an is considered a “commentary” of the Holy Qur’an. There are nuances in Arabic, as there are in Hebrew and Greek that are lost to English readers.

The depth of meaning in the Qur’an is lost to those of us who do not speak Arabic.

All that being said…there are many beautiful passages in the Qur’an about the majesty of God and His desire to be intimate with humanity.

It wouldn’t be wrong. St Thomas Aquinas was such a good apologetic because he studied his opponents views and even prepared better arguments than his opponents did so as to prepare himself against them. I think you’d be ok so long as you’re not converting ti Islam. I speak Arabic and French as second language and have read parts of the quraan to see what it says. Islam is certainly not a peaceful religion at heart, contrary to what many Muslims want you to believe.

If you’re talking to Sunnis, two quick things:

  1. Check out the commentaries on the Qur’an by such greatly-esteemed scholars as Ibn Kathir, Jalalayn, and Razi. These will help you understand the text through a conservative Islamic lens, without attempts at whitewashing the religion by those who might have an agenda to make Islam seem harmless to Westerners.

  2. Also read the Hadith–the other primary source for Muslims that is often overlooked. The two most important and authoritative collections are Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.

If you’re talking to Shi’as, other posters will have to advise.

I might be wrong, but I interpreted the OP’s question as directed towards Muslims.

I read the whole thing subsequent to 9-11…
…I think everyone should read it.

I have never read it and probably never will, but my husband has read it during his last deployment. There were civilian truckers from Nepal that would join their convoys and he made many great friends with them. Most of them were Muslim and read the Quran everynight together. He would join them for dinner and listen to them read. He enjoyed it and he came home much more active in his faith. Somehow those talks affirmed his belief that Catholicism is truth.

If your going to read it with commentary read it with early islamic commentaries which are available to you.

Please try to see the film “Of Gods and Men”.
But at least, read this very moving Testament of Dom Christian De Cherge, OCSO

Hmm, I think a similar question was asked a couple years ago by a former CAF member on the thread titled

Any Muslims here? I want to read the Quran. Where do I begin?

  • If you click on the following thread you will find other websites/links.

Hope this helps

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Very true. I often reject biblical interpretations by non-Christians, too.

I have yet to encounter a translation of the Qur’an that was tempting in this regard. Mark Twain famously referred to the Book of Mormon as “chloroform in print.” I’ve found the Qur’an similarly boring when I’ve read it.

İf you read Qoran you will get faithful informations about Faith, God, Heaven, Hell, Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed (about allprophets), Bible, Torah, Judgement Day, Destiny, act-canon-rule of God, and what you need about God correctly. Sometime you may need some comments but initially Qoran will be enough.


Writing inside Quran pages it is not prohibited if it was for learning purposes as the school students do.

Basic knowledge of Islam and English translation only will not help you refute some Islamic scholars claims who use Taqiyya, therefore, I suggest you bring your Islamic discussions to a Christian board such as CAF so you would get more help from some members here.

I want to ask the OP if you are looking for a revelation of some sort to prove to Muslims?

Because we already have the Bible which reveals the Revelation of God’s Only Son and much more in depth experiences of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist the last of the prophets, who all point to Jesus who reveals his Father to Mankind.

The Qur’an on the other had has more of a summary, lacking depth and certainly hundreds ofyears of catching up which would mean less accuracy.


And many times a false information.

Inaccurate is a nicer word :stuck_out_tongue:


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