Read the whole Bible in a year


I’m starting a project to read the whole Bible in one year. Here is the math:

  • 5 days a week (Mon. through Fri.) for 52 weeks is 260 days.
  • 1 chapter per day from the New Testament (260 chapters)
  • 4 chapters/day from the Old Testament, except 5 chapters/day for Psalms and Wisdom (1074 chapters).

Why read only on weekdays? So that, if you fall behind in the readings, you can catch-up on the week-ends.

Read whichever version you prefer. Some versions have slightly different numbering of chapters and verses. All have 260 chapters in the NT. The OT numbering varies somewhat more.

I’ll be starting this reading program on Monday, March 16th, 2015. I’m not going to do any kind of daily or even weekly Scripture commentary. It’s a suggestion for each person’s own personal devotion.


Awesome. Blessed reading and study. My best friend and I are following a program from the coming home network to read the Bible and the Catechism in a year. It does every day of the week though. We like it. We are currently in the middle of numbers, book three of psalms, Acts, and around paragraph 500 in the Catechism. It’s wonderful. We’ve both read the whole bible a few times before, but we find that there are things we missed before or understood differently. It’s our first time reading the Catechism, and it is a nice supplement.


Same here, as a protestant, I read through the Bible multiple times with different versions. This year, I’m doing the Catechism in a Year and reading through the New Testament (I think it’s the Ignatius Study Bible). I figured that was a good place to start as a new Catholic!


Congrats!! That can be real tough to keep going but I hope it goes well! Might take your suggestion and try to do the same.


Excellent place to start! and, welcome home. :slight_smile:



A few years ago (we won’t mention how many), I went through the Protestant canon aiming for six chapters a day, from Genesis to Revelation. It should have taken about six months at that rate, but came in at about eight in the end.

If I could manage it, I am sure that you can (although your canon is a little longer).


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