Read this today. I wanted to share

“Once we have exposed the infernal Serpent—when, by the evil results to which his insinuations always tend, we have discovered his diabolical purpose—then this strategy is very useful: Go over again in spirit the way by which the Tempter led us. Analyze the steps of the plot he had so carefully laid. Note the deceptive pretexts through which he began to make us listen to him. Consider how he succeeded, little by little, in changing that pure taste, that spiritual sweetness, that perfect serenity we enjoyed before. See how he endeavored to inject his venom into the soul. This study of his hateful maneuvers will render us more capable of escaping them in the future.”

I like that.

very good


Indeed, this should seem obvious once you read it, but it’s amazing how easy it is to overlook it. I once had a priest tell me something very similar, although not as detailed. He said: “Once the devil reveals himself, he gives up his advantage.” Put in context against this quote from St. Ignatius Loyola, what I heard from my priest is illuminated much more greatly. Thanks for sharing this.

Great reminder; thanks for posting.


Very good but how do I do it?

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