Reader's Digest detracts against the Church in this issue
We need to set them straight.

If you’re referring to the St. Patrick, one, I thought details of his life are vague even to Catholic scholars.

I think the misinformation regarding 50,000 people being burned at the stake in the Inquisition is what the OP is referring to. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, you are probably right. :wink: I scrolled past that one.

It was saying the Church tried to eradicate all heretics. It was actually reluctant to execute. The state killed more. I think it was taking on the jihad of the time, but sorcery can make bad things happen to people who are not close to God or who are, but are allowed to be affected by God for a higher purpose. Also, social agitators were far more dangerous to less advanced societies, because they don’t have the resources to educate people. I don’t agree with Ugandans killing homosexuals, but they don’t have the resources.

Well, I wouldn’t look to RD for reliable info in the first place but they seem to be conflating the Inquisition with witch-burning that followed the Reformation.

Very few heretics were killed, but after the Reformation and the wars that followed witch mania took off in both Protestant and Catholic countries and tens of thousands were killed.

Oddly, Spain and Ireland were untouched by the witch-burning fever.

At least, they said men were killed too. It wasn’t just picking on the women.

I think a lot of people still read RD. Unreliable info. got Catholics killed in the world throughout NT history. It’s said a lie about Catholics being insurrectionists told by a Protestant to the Emperor (or whoever was the top dog then) got Catholics persecuted in the 1500s in Japan until Com. Perry came.

It even happened in the Book of Ruth, regarding Jewish persecution in the OT.

Sometimes, it matters what people are prepared to believe and who doesn’t like a good ol’ fascist Catholic yarn these days? Well, some leaders and nativists (not including, amongst them, all Arizona bill proponents, as some believe) don’t, but it’s only because of paranoia.

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