Reading a devotional


It says “Stay on the path I have chosen for you.” I am sick and am I to believe God chose this for me? Once again, I cannot figure out how to use this site, I suppose I should just do what I am doing, ,anyway, posting a new topic.


What am I supposed to do when it says “There are no more Apologetics topics. Why not create a topic?.” Where are the forum topics?

Why can’t they fix this? I can’t remember what convoluted procedure I did last time BY ACCIDENT. Maybe I should look for another site… I’m angry that this site is so unprofessionally done.


Change the box that says all to none to see the topics.

Yes they should fix it.


Thank you, Elf01.


But now I can’t find my topic.

Are these subtopics for Catholic Living?
Prayer Intentions
Family Life
Popular Media


Yes, those are the sub-forums. Remember, click on “none” instead of “all” to see just the Catholic Living forum. I really really wish they would change it. But apart from that, the site isn’t hard to use.

You can find your topics you’ve created by clicking on your profile. If you don’t see it on your summary page, you can change from the summary to activity. You’ll see a list of the topics you’ve created. Just for reference, here’s the previous topic you created.


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