Reading a manuscript that is questionable

A non-Christian coworker ask me to read her “sci-fi” manuscript that she wants to turn into a book. It started off basic “sci fi” enough but now it’s talking about ancient gods and demons. I am thinking I need to tell her, I’m sorry but if this is how this book is gonna be, I don’t really feel I can read it. Thoughts?

I agree with you, I wouldn’t read it either. I think once you do it in a gentle manner it should be okay and she should respect your feelings.I’ve been in similar situations and sometimes it was fine and other times they were offended, so don’t feel bad if she gets offended. praying for the Lord to give you the words to say.

Be gently honest, and if she gets upset just pray for her.

If it’s sci fi or fantasy or what have you, I don’t see a problem reading or editing that type of fiction. However, you are the one doing it - if you’d rather not, you aren’t under any obligation. You are just doing it as a favor, and you’ve already helped out.

I think that I would have read it and then pointed out the problems with the manuscript. As you don’t know the ending then it could have refuted all the bad "gods, and all the ancient discrepancies. It could have had a very good ending. I am not so afraid the undermining of my own faith as I am in not in addressing the problems in the manuscript. I think you missed an opportunity to help and point someone in the right direction in their writing. Just my opinion and your “welcome to it.”:slight_smile:

Demons, demons, demons everywhere. The Church recognizes that they exist and that Christ drove the demons out and over a cliff. I think I may have even met a couple of near-demons myself! The best thing about a demon is that it can be defeated. So your friend should try to write in that manner. "Good vs. bad and good wins…or I pray so.:thumbsup:

Thanks for all the comments. I have not said anything as of yet and was thinking I could just read the book but what I’ve recently read she’s getting into the head of the sociopathic alien and I just can’t imagine that the means in the manuscript (being exposed to a psychopaths inner thoughts and having to deal with pagan gods and demons) justifies the means even if it has a good outcome . I think I should just be honest and tell her, I’m kind of a wuss when it comes to psychological thrillers and ancient gods and demons and would rather not read further.

“I like the way you did A and B, but I don’t think I’m your target audience. I like sci-fi, but I’m not so good at the ancient-gods-and-demons stuff. Good luck with your writing.”

Thanks, Green, hehe Love the way you did that!! Target audience - gotta remember that!:thumbsup:

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