Reading about something sexual and reading something for sexual pleasure

Hey there. It’s me, Mr. Superscrupulous again. I’ve made some headway with worrying about my issues, but I’d like to ask you guys a question; what’s the main difference between reading about something sexual and reading something for sexual pleasure? I have several examples that I came across that would help explain my situation:
First thing was when I was reading a comic book, I came across a section where the character has to investigate a seedy club. I purposely went and skipped anything that was purely sexual in nature, but noticed that I would read the names of the posters and presumably some of the people who were there. Same thing with other posters, where there were such things as an AA number, suicide hotline, and what appeared to be a number to call the place for an “escort” obviously to give it the atmosphere.
Second thing was when someone went and explained the meaning of some lyrics to a song, explaining that the sexual content they refer to in the song actually has deeper meaning to it (it should also be noted that the song was also in a completely different language).
Third thing was when someone was writing about a story and they wrote that the character then had sex at some point.
Fourth thing would be the song “Roxanne”, a popular song by The Police. In it, the singer is talking about a prostitute and saying that she doesn’t need to go out anymore.
Fifth (and hopefully final) thing was about my own writing desires, lamenting that if I ever tried to tackle a sexual issue in my stories that my own conscience would beat me up for it, even if it weren’t meant to be titillating.

I believe that’s it for now. I should let you know that in no situation I personally desired to get stimulated by this or, at some points, try to read them, but just noticed that I’ll see words and read them without even thinking. Thank you, and God Bless.

Reading about something sexual:
It is a simple aspect of the story. For example, Stephen King generally alludes to sexual encounters in his story, and is occasionally somewhat graphic in the language he uses. Despite that fact that it is graphic, I am not reading it with the intent of gaining pleasure, it is simply a part of the story that the author felt was necessary. A more explicit instance of this question would be reading about sexual technique. For example, I may buy a book on how to pleasure my wife. While the information, and a few images maybe be explicit, I am not reading it for personal sexual pleasure, but instead am reading it to learn how to better please my wife during our sexual activity.

(Now, if it start to get overly graphic, to the point of being pornographic in it’s detail, then you probably want to stop if you’re like me and struggle with sins of that nature.)

Reading something for sexual pleasure:
This would be akin to reading erotic literature specifically for its explicit depictions of sexual activity, and with the intent of inducing arousal.

I believe that sin is in the intentional act, not the object. If I am free from lust in reading about or viewing something sexually related, then there is no sin. If I lust or objectify the person or myself, then there is sin. If I seek out the opportunity to be in a position to reasonably expect to lust, it is a near occasion of sin and therefore sinful. If honestly applied, this has served me well in judging when I need to seek reconciliation.

This is my own method, not a pronouncement. I hope it helps.

Thanks. To be honest, the last one on my list seemed to be the one to worry me the most, mainly because I started thinking of sexual themes to tackle specifically. Didn’t go into detail about thinking of them, but always felt like sometimes they make a realistic story more interesting when you read a character’s struggle with that. Guess the part where I was thinking about those themes was what worried me.

You agree that that’s nothing to be worried about, right?

Try not to become obsessed with what is wrong and right, the only real safe place would be under your bed all by yourself … The is good and bad everywhere, maybe even under your bed… Try not to become judgemental about the things around you,
just be yourself and enjoy life…

Yeah. It’s a bit harder to think that most times when you’re a super scrupulous person who may have OCD.

True… I have the benefit of being 60 years of age,so iv had heaps of life experience,
But I was a teen once as well…the problems you face,I once faced as well…
Nearly ended it all at 16 because I too suffered much… Was always in trouble at school…
Left school at 14 because of problems, tried desperately to find answers in the bible,
Found some,but not enough,plus lived a very isolated life,
But something from nowhere told me to calm down and just be me,
Not to become obsessed with my own failing,read books,eat well,exercise , learn to breath,
A singing teacher are the best in teaching how to breath, and just be happy with what you have,not sad about what you don’t have,

So you’re saying not to worry, right? I woe u this morning and in my head started debating it all when I remembered that if you can’t simply know if it was a mortal sin, then it really wasn’t. I think that if I wake up and still question something I should refer to that bit of advice.

I can understand how you feel… Just think about what I suggest,
Correct breathing might sound silly…but it’s so true, most people have shallow breathing
… With less oxygen in your blood stream, your brain gets less, making your brain starve of oxygen, that’s when you can’t think straight, try it, take up singing, even if you can’t sing… And the other things as well…read, eat, exercise …
And worry less, lots less,your a human being with emotions,
Your not a robot, Enjoy life,

Yeah. That breathing should help. In this situation though I manage to calm down easier if someone can let me know I’m in the moral clear. I know I wasn’t thinking of these sexual issues for my pleasure, but to think of as topics to write about. When someone can tell me that it’s nothing to worry about it almost always goes away.

Nothing wrong with having a healthy imagination, but it can I guess depend on just how and what your writing about, is it healthy or unhealthy imaginative writing,
If you wish, p m me with what you write about,… Things can depend on your age,
And who is in your group of friends,.
Anyway,it’s late here now, going off to dream land, good night world

I remember when someone lent fifty shades to my wife when everyone was talking about it.

She started to read it, not because of the sexual content but just because her friends said it was a great book, she didn’t know what it was about.

She said she only read a bit as it was boring, some woman talking about sex with a man she said.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I myself ever read anything sexual, I wouldn’t want to stir something up that I can’t put out, well the only time I searched for sexual stuff was more about sex after pregnancy. I love sex but have no interest in reading about someone else’s sex life.

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