Reading acts (how can you not believe in the catholic way)

im reading acts right now. i am blown away.

i went straight from Luke to Acts. oh my God is it amazing. those two books make me feel so good. :extrahappy: :bowdown2:

every single chapter explains the roll of the catholic church and why certain people have the right to preach the gospel and why some dont.

its all about the passing of the Holy Spirit.
im on chapter 9. i loved 8:26-40 (the story of phillip and the ethiopian)

perfect explanation is that we all need a teacher for the Bible.
yet, not just any teacher, a teacher who has received the Holy Spirit!

this is where its at.

The Bible is what made me the Catholic I am today. :o

I was amazed with “The Acts of the Apostles.” While the Gospels may be the roots of the Catholic Church, Acts is the trunk. I was fascinated reading how the Church went from being Jews who followed Jesus to its own, separate entity open to all people and nations. I really wished I read that book earlier in my life as part of my Catholic education. Everyone spends so much time on the Gospels that Acts just get overlooked in general, Catholic education.

yes, I also enjoy acts - it really helps stop the mouths of critics that claim we should not preach publically; we really lead the way in preaching the gospel and even is some people shut the door in our faces or tell us to go away, we have church tradition and holy spirit to encourage us!!

This was also my experience with the Book of Acts. I always tell people that the first time I seriously decided to read the Bible with an open mind, I was completely blown away by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke and his Church in the Book of Acts. It was a MAJOR factor in my conversion.

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