Reading between the lines


I was told by my vocations director that the physc profile has come in and he is waiting on my application which he now has. If the report came back and was negative, would the VD tell to not worry about the application? What would they tell you if it was bad. I don't want to ask him as I don't want to be a pest or anything. I know he is busy and don't want to call him so I am laying low waiting for him to contact me and all. But If the profile came back and said I was not a good candidate for priesthood. Would he have told me rather than telling me he still is expecting my application?


I don't recall my vocation director ever telling me anything about the results of my psych exam when I was applying. It simply happened, and that was that. Yet, I was accepted. I wouldn't worry about it.


I agree that you shouldn't stress over it.

Also, if this turns out not to be your true vocation, there are many ways to love/serve God. I believe that the Holy Spirit will direct you. God bless you! :)


I just received the email

All is in order. The next event to happen is the four person interview. We are waiting until a few more of you are ready for that so we can visit with several of you on the same day. So, you are fine; just wait for the phone call.

This seems to be a good sign. Let's hope the next step will go smoothly. What is the 4 person interview like?


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