Reading Christianity Today Daily Newsletter

**As a practicing Catholic, I read a variety of Christian publications online, and one of the best is Christianity Today. Although it is a magazine of evangelical conviction, it regularly publishes articles of interest to Catholics, including a weblog that includes a section on “Catholicism.”

Today’s sections of the CT Daily Newsletter include “The Secret Exposed: Why Oprah and millions of readers can be wrong;” " CT Liveblog: Ruth Graham’s funeral and other stories;" and its weblog of many annotated stories.

So if you have the time and interest to expand your Christian reading, check out this daily newsletter.


Is there a link? Thanks.

I subscribe to “The Christian Post” daily email. It’s run by evangelicals and has an evangelical spin to everything. It does spend a lot of time covering the Anglican rift but seems to make a concerted effort not to cover anything Catholic unless it absolutely has to. The only Catholic story I’ve seen recently has been the Bush visit to Rome. But still, it’s good to see what those folks are thinking about. It’s also kinda interesting in a funny but sad sort of way to watch their debates unfold about where Evangelical loyalty is going to go in 2008.

It’s address is

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