Reading Every Day


I was wondering, who on here reads the Bible daily? I don’t mean daily Mass, but has personal study of the Bible every day or just about every day. How did you get into that routine, how much do you read, and how do you decide what you read?

I’m really trying to get back into this.

Also, have you noticed any changes once you started reading the Scriptures every day?


I read the daily Mass readings found here -
even on the few days I make it to daily Mass. And through the “Lectio Divina” process, it has been eye opening for me.



It’s easy…

Make breakfast. Eat breakfast and read Bible. Put dishes in the sink and put Bible back on the counter-top. Rinse. Repeat.

Start with “In the Beginning God made the heavens and the earth” and end with “Yes, come Lord Jesus” a year or more later. Rinse. Repeat.

I’ve been through the Bible five or six times this way. The Scriptures are like little jewels I carry with me daily, always able to draw upon them whenever I need.



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