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I am 16 years old and am possibly discerning a vocation to the priesthood. I am not far enough along in the process to speak with my priest but would love to have some info about reading material or prayer/spiritual exercises that I should look into.

Also, if anyone can recommend me to anyone that will send me by mail info about discernment, that would be wonderful. Or if you would be willing to send some reading material my way.

Do you have anyone I can talk to outside of my parish priest to assist in my possible discernment?

Also, I ask your prayers on my behalf as always.

Thank you so very much!

God bless!


Praying for you from today’s Liturgy of the Hours:


Merciful and gentle Lord, you are the crowning glory of all the saints. Give us, your children, the gift of obedience which is the beginning of wisdom, so that we may do what you command and be filled with your mercy.

Ant. Our compassionate Lord has left us a memorial of his wonderful work, alleluia.

Ant. 3 All power is yours, Lord God, our mighty King, alleluia.


The whole creation proclaims the greatness of your glory.
– The whole creation proclaims the greatness of your glory.

Eternal ages praise
– the greatness of your glory.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,
– The whole creation proclaims the greatness of your glory.


Ant. Where your treasure is, there is your heart, says the Lord.

Thank you for sharing this with me! I forgot to pray the LOTH today! God bless!

I think you should do a google search and see what pops up. Many bookstores carry books on discernment which might be on the shelf or you may have to order it really depends on the store.

When you find a book that is good, in order to see if it is reputable, you can google reviews and see what other people think of it. Plus with you being 16, you can always see if you can use interlibrary loans to locate and borrow these books. Interlibrary loans is generally available through one’s local city library and some school libraries may also have that resource as well. If a book really touches your heart, you can always order a copy for yourself.

You should also ask your local vocations director to recommend a few titles.

I wish I could help more, but vocations in terms of priesthood isn’t an area I have done much research on since I’m not a guy.

Good luck,


But you should speak to your parish priest ASAP. There’s no “too soon” for that - a wrong step without proper guidance could derail a true vocation.

I already talked to my priest and I’m 13. The sooner the better.

I recommend:

Read these inspiring books first:

Called by Name: The Inspiring Stories of 12 Men Who Became Catholic Priests
by Jerry Usher and Christine Mugridge
this site good for you in your vocation discernment

101 Inspirational Stories of the Priesthood
by Sister Patricia Proctor, OSC
–This book is an exciting look at the role of the Catholic Priest in guiding ordinary Christians to leading dynamic Christian lives.

Two books about the theology behind the priesthood:

**The Priest Is Not His Own **
by Fulton Sheen

**About Being a Priest **
by Federico Suarez


I am glad to hear that you are taking this big step to reach out in your discernment. I am actually a brand new Seminarian for the Diocese of Owensboro.

The best book I have read so far is “To Save a Thousand Souls” by Father Brett Brannen it is recommended by most Vocations offices in the country. Also “Many are Called” by Dr. Scott Hahn, and “A Priest for the 3rd Millennium” by Cardinal Dolan.

Spiritual-wise I greatly enjoy “Beginning Contemplative Prayer” by Sister Kathryn Hermes FSP.

Goodluck young man, you are being prayed for and if you have any other questions shoot me an email.

There is a website called that is dedicated totally to vocations and has a wealth of information.

If money is an issue go to On this website there are links to vocation websites within the United States. You can browse at your leisure. Many have links to youtube testimonials. Some have tons of information and some very minimal. One that I remember as having quite a bit is the Peoria Diocese in Illinois. I’m sure most Diocese’ would love to know the helped someone from another Diocese discern a vocation.

Search USCCB vocation stations of the cross. Powerful meditation in my mind. Here is a part for station II:

V: Consider Jesus as He walked this road with the cross on His shoulders, thinking of us, and offering to His Father in our behalf, the death He was about to suffer.
R: Jesus, help those You call to see in the cross the symbol of union with You. Give to them the zeal and talent to minister to those who are burdened with pain, sorrow, confusion and alienation. Let them see that in the cross is life.

Also talk to your priest if your comfortable with him. If you don’t know him well volunteer to serve at mass. Priests are human and serving at mass is a good time to get to know them. They know discernment is a long process and want to make sure you find the right vocation. Be that priesthood, married or single life.

To Save a Thousand Souls
The Priest is Not His Own
Reflections on the Gospels with Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict’s, Jesus of Nazareth, series

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