Reading Fr. Feeney

My friend is reading Fr. Feeney, and I heard that it was forbidden to do so (because of his views on Baptism of blood/desire, I believe). So he was excommunicated.

So I have 2 questions…

  1. Is it forbidden to read Fr. Feeney?

  2. Who forbade it, and where is the text forbidding it?

EWTN: “Tragic Errors of Father Feeney”

I have recently received the book, Dissent From The Creed, which lists and encapsulates the various heresies over the centuries. It contains a chapter on Feenyism. His primary heresy was teaching that, unless you were a fully participating member of the Roman Catholic Church, you were condemned to hell.

I would recommend that you NOT read anything by Feeney-ites. Why not find an orthodox priest or writer rather than picking someone who clearly does not support the Catholic faith?

Before reading this, I had no idea of who Father Feeny was or that such a person even existed. However I went to Parochial School from 1942 uuntil 1950 in a Jesuit Parish and was taught by the Irish Sisters of St Joseph. I was taught that only Catholics went to Heaven and that fallen away Catholics. that is. those Catholics who left the Church and attended Protestant Churches were condemned to Hell. They also taught that it was a sin to listen to Protestant Hymns or to say Protestant prayers, like their version of the Our Father.
How much things have changed!!!

I’m not the one reading Fr. Feeney-rather my friend is.

Sorry. I misunderstood.

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