Reading in Chapel/Church

I would like to read Catholic books on my Kindle in the Chapel/Church during non Mass hours (during the weekdays) to gain a better sense of peace, understanding, and context. Frankly, in my own opinion, I can think of no better place to read about these subjects than actually being inside the church. But, I don’t know if this is proper and I can imagine some may say that the Chapel/Church is a holy place and not a library to sit in and read.

There is nothing wrong with reading in a church or chapel.

I am not aware of any reason why you shouldn’t do this.

I wouldn’t recommend reading Harry Potter or Hunger Games in a church, but there’s nothing wrong with reading Catholic books in one. It can even be beneficial to read books about the Eucharist during Adoration times.

If they are Catholic books; Chapel/Church is a great place for contemplative reading. During non Mass hours (during the weekdays) as you say.

Personally, I think that what you want to do and hope to accomplish is perfect.

Many do their spiritual reading in the Chapel and the church.
It’s fine. Anything that lifts your mind in prayer.

If this were true they wouldn’t be allowed to read the church bulletins or their missals inside the church. But I haven’t heard that to be the case. Some churches even have their own libraries where people can read or check out books. Bookstores too.

That said, Kindles are pieces of new technology, which many are unfamiliar with. Or they don’t know in fact that you are reading scripture or what. Give them time; they’ll get used to it.

I brought my I-pad to the chapel for Adoration intending to do some reading and discovered, to my chagrin, that Wi-Fi is not available in my church or chapel. Be aware that may be the case.

I bring spiritual reading and spiritual study to chapel all the time.

I also often bring knitting or crochet to chapel. I make blankets for the babies and children who are baptized in our parish and for each and every blanket at least some of the crafting is done in front of the Blessed Sacrament during a period of intense prayer. If the pattern is intricate sometimes I can only do a bit of border or just cast on or bind off in chapel but each stitch is accompanied by a word of prayer…usually a petition for the health and faith of the parents and family of the child and for the child him or herself.

But if they are already downloaded onto your e-reader (iPad, tablet, Kindle, Nook, etc) you don’t need wi-fi access. :slight_smile:

The daily prayers and readings are not downloaded–they come from the internet. When I click on the app a screen comes up that says “You are not connected to the internet.” I realize that some apps have everything and you don’t need wi-fi, but the ones I have must require it.

The point is that at some time in the future enough can be stored so you don’t need wi-fi. Why must the Church go through the expense of providing wi-fi for everyone?

I never said anything about wanting the church to provide wi-fi. I just said it didn’t, to my chagrin. I did not realize it.

Why are you presuming I think they should?

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