Reading in the bath


Sometimes I read while taking a bath because I have no distractions there. But would it be disrespectful to read something spiritual or even the bible while taking a bath? I don’t want to offend God, but its the easiest place for me to do reading without getting distracted :o

Sorry for the weird question!


I can’t see anything wrong with it. Some people like to sit in comfortable chairs when they read. I personally like to lay outside on my swing. You prefer the bath. I really don’t see anything wrong with that. The only concern I would have is that you might accidently ruin a good book:( .

Peace and good!


I have read that we should strive to keep ourselves in a prayerful state of mind in carrying out all of our daily activities. God wants to take care of our bodies. Cleanliness is a part of taking care of ourselves. Reading, contemplation, prayer are blessings to our soul. If reading scripture or other religious materials a warm relaxing bath brings you closer to God, how can it be wrong?


Well, you wouldn’t talk to your parents (or anyone) when you were naked, so is it really appropriate to talk to God while naked?

And even worse, what if there was a bible verse about Mary and you were prompted to ask for her intercession. Surely you wouldn’t talk to Mary while taking a bath.


I’ve never read the Bible while in the tub, but I occasionally do other spiritual reading in there. I think the only thing to be concerned about is getting the book wet!

I had a copy of The Twelve Steps to Holiness and Salvation once and was drawn to the chapter on “recollection,” but then skimmed through it and decided I needed to read up on mortification instead. I went to that chapter and suddenly several pages of the “recollection” chapter fell out of the book into the water, seriously interrupting bathtime since I had to pat the pages with a towel and lay them out to air dry.

I took that as a hint that perhaps I do need to focus on recollection. :o


Before the fall, Adam and Eve were naked when talking to God all the time. Is it really a problem to pray while in the tub or shower? After all, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit even when we don’t have clothes on.


I hope not :o

I’ve gotten pretty good at reading in the tub without getting the book wet :wink:


I do some of my best praying in the shower…I do not see anything inappropriate about it.


Sanctity includes seriousness.
Seriousness is giving everything its correct importance and reaction.

This means objectiveness.

Objectiveness means to have a maximum goal, which should be the greater glory of God.

That means everything is ordained in relation to that.

You take a bath because you must be clean, because it is not only a sign of interior purity, but also neccesary for an agreable life with others and yourself.

But even with this mind set, this is in the end a prosaic act. All prosaic acts should be done with in the most quick and efficient manner as to but your mind on other things. Another thing is listening to a conference while you shower, another is stoping to read.

Plus, my first thing is that siting on a tub even with a good book is only a step if not sloth already, and the Devil takes advantage to tempt with impurity.


Not exactly. They were covered with light that came from them according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Sin made them lose that light of the state of grace. So physical clothes became neccesary.

And the only thing I tend to pray is * Mater Purissima, Ora Pro Nobis!* I take my clothes off. The rest is all planning the day I guess.


I myself have not prayed or read anything spiritual, while taking a bath. But I have prayed while taking a shower. (I prefer showers over baths anyway.)

Remember God created two naked people (Adam & Eve).For the naked human form is beautiful And what God created was good. Until Satan came along and ruined it. Regarding Mary, you don’t think Mary saw Jesus naked a few times? She is His Mother. When he was born, when he got bathed while as a small child and other times that a mother would see her children naked while performing motherly duties.

Has anybody failed to see the symbolism here? The nakedness, the water, being clean, praying or reading something spiritual. Okay I’ll remind us. Nakedness is being totally dependent on God. A stripping away of earthly possessions.Emptying ourselves. Water- baptism a new birth. Coming and being clean- a purification of mind and body. Praying and reading something spiritual- Being open to God anytime and anywhere. Besides we are supposed to pray always. Would that not include times of nakedness and showering or bathing?


Good googly moogly!!! You people sure do read a lot into getting naked and taking a bath. Me - I read in the bath all the time, but so far I haven’t read anything spiritual. Yet. But I think I will. And I think God will be pleased.


Not really, I personally take a shower if I need to get clean. I only take a bath when I want to relax. And when I bathe for relaxation I usually read something because I get bored just sitting there.


Talk about being judgemental!!! What gives you that right?


I don’t want to open a can of worms regarding Islam in this thread, but one of the things about Islam which turns me off is the notion that our bodies are nasty and almost despicable requiring an almost obsessive compulsive cleaning and grooming schedule. A person cannot even scratch their own backsides without having to perform the whole ablution ritual before reading the holy Koran. How fickle and volatile God’s word is!

On the contrary, since we believe that God himself took on human flesh with all its nakedness and impurities, there is nothing for which we should feel ashamed about our bodies. Especially when reading. In all honesty, sometimes it is only when I’m in the loo at the office that I get a relaxed reprieve and am able to converse briefly with the Lord in prayer! :smiley:


Wonderful post and I totally agree! :thumbsup: I read the Bible or other spiritual books all the time while in the bathtub and also pray there. Sometimes the Rosary, sometimes freely to God, about everything, about what I just read and what goes on in my head and heart. I cannot see anything wrong with it. A bath is my favorite way to end the day before going to bed so I cannot think of anything better to do there than pray.


Thank you! The Lord cares for our souls and all that may hurt or hinder our relationship with Him. If some people have problems with taking a bath and practicing the virtue of chastity (post #9) then it would be unwise for them to try and read while relaxing in the tub. But if that is your way of recreating and through reading good spiritual books, you grow closer to the Lord, than that is the only important thing. The Lord is not the least bit concerned with your nakedness, and neither should you. God bless!


Where do you come to that conclusion. He had a body passive to suffering, but not prosaic like ours.

The saints say many times that His sweat was more like a perfume that came from Him, and that His feet would never get dirty from the dust.
Remember this is the most sacral man ever. He had an air of majesty that left even the demons in utter confusion.
The saw that extraordinary things about Him and they knew that the Scriptures indicate that the times were upon them, but they were just dazzled because they could not conceive that God would make Himself man. They were demons, they are super intelligent, but do not have the beatific vision. That is why the Devil tempted Him in the desert beacause he could not tell if this was a man or really God Himself.

The conviviance (this is almost inventing a word because in English *convivere *translated does not mean the same thing (to live together, but more the relation of people who live together) of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother is not what Mel Gibson’s film depicts. It was not a low class joke all day. It was a continual contemplation of one another. Our Lord would ask Our Lady a stupendous question (just to do apostolate. He is GOD!) that would leave her in flames of awe, adoring Him, saying only God could ask such a thing, almost like forgetting that He knew everything.

Read Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s books. They are really wonderful in showing how their lives were. She tells from the details of Paradise to the very details of the Last Supper.
It is just wonderful!


“Good googly moogly” :rotfl: Amen :rotfl:


Anne Emmerich is not part of the deposit of faith and we don’t have to believe anything she says.

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