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I am in the process of reverting to Catholicism after some time away. I live in a country that is not traditionally Catholic (Sweden) and as a further complication, I am still learning the language.

An obvious help to me will be reading and studying, as the lack of a vibrant Parish is a significant disadvantage. In addition, I envisage a long wait before I am able to fully integrate back into The Church, and reading Catholic-inspired material will hopefully keep my faith strong in moments of frustration and weakness.

Can anybody recommend any inspirational books that I may be able to order online via Amazon or some other such company?

Currently, I have ‘Catholicism for Dummies’ and ‘The Catholic Faith’ by Richard Conrad OP. I have a New Jerusalem NT, the NIV Bible and the Tanakh (Jewish Study Bible - basically the OT). I have ordered ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ by Pope Benedict XVI (hugely inspirational, I gather), and an instructional book on the Rosary.

I’m thinking a few more books won’t hurt, but there is such a market out there that you can be spoiled for choice. Any ideas?


Thomas Howard is one of my favorites, particularly On Being Catholic. It is a great book about the beauty of being Catholic, very positive and VERY well written.

Anything from Loreto Publications is great!
The Gift of Self to God would be a great starter

I own my own Catholic library just about. My husband wishes I didn’t read so much probably.

I will try to keep my recommendations short

Anything by Scott Hahn
Anything by Peter Kreeft (his Catholic Christianity really breaks down the Catechism)
Writings of the saints

  1. St. Theresa of Avila
  2. St. Faustina
  3. St. Therese of Lisieux
  4. St. John of the Cross
  5. St Francis de Sales

Just to name a very few

Anything by Pope Benedict or Pope John Paul II

Happy Reading!!

Anything from this bookstore is good and reliable. I’ll link to their “Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan,” as it is quite an interesting concept.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which has been translated into most major languages, is an obvious choice. Even if you don’t read cover-to-cover (which is a good idea), you’ll want to refer to it often.

Along with Alan55’s suggestion of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, grab “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Catholic Catechism” to help you with it. Amazon link here:

Just to clarify, the “Dummies” book about Catholicism is the best (most orthodox and correct), but the “Idiot’s” book is the best (most orthodox and correct) guide to the Catechism. As told to me by my ex-FSSP, now Dioscesan TLM priest.

Personally I’d also recommend anything by Fr Benedict Groeschel (C.F.R), particularly “Arise from Darkness” and “Stumbling blocks and stepping stones”.

I am loving the advice, thanks a lot!

It has been so long since I read inspirational books - now, that is all I am reading! You would not believe how many books and articles I used to read in my mission to kill any last spark of Christianity in my brain. I wasn’t a pagan lurker in Christian forums. This was a personal mission to destroy it in myself. But I couldn’t.

What I didn’t realise up to now was that when you are reading only negative things about any subject, your viewpoint becomes corrupted. You think only negative. If somebody tells you blue is blue, you will try to think of reasons why it may actually be green.

What a tiresome and self-destructive mindset!

Anyway, enough gabbering. I’m off to the Amazon website…:thumbsup:

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