Reading Louis Evely book - demon / prayer


So Evely says - Catholics who don’t pray - could be possessed by a demon.

I know, I know, it caught my eye too - as I read this under a pine tree yesterday.
His take - if we don’t pray at night - or ever - etc - that a demon has caused this.

He used the scripture " this kind only come out with prayer and fasting "
And he says - if we don’t pray - were no better off than others - who don’t pray.
He then mentioned how we spend our time frivolously - often -

This is for people who don’t pray often - what’s your take ?


It doesn’t say anywhere in the church magisterium that people who don’t pray can be demon possessed.

And that scripture was about casting out a demon who was already in the person.
Exorcists say that demonic possession only happens if:
The person was involved in the occult,
Serious deliberate long term mortal sins,
The person was cursed by someone in the occult,
Or if the person is a victim soul that God permits it to happen to (eg Padre Pio was beaten by demons at night, and so was St theresa of Avila, St Faustina was also disturbed by demons sometimes who kept her awake)


His take was interesting though -
If you don’t pray - a demon did his duty with you then.
If you haven’t prayed for three days ( beyond the Our Father, Hail Mary ) -
A demon makes you that more susceptible to other suggestions.

I wonder if possession is - only within the person - an inside job, as they say.
Like Peter being rebuked by Jesus - “ Get thee behind Satan “
Peter ! Our first Pope !
“Satan has desired to sift thee like wheat “ !

Peter had to start praying for real then !


Out of curiosity, which Louis Évely book are you reading? I’d like to find it and read what you are talking about in its full context.


Mr Evely left the priesthood and began his own non-denominational movement after he was laicized. His own Bishop would not grant his writings an imprimatur. BIG red flashing warning lights there.

Stick with magisterial teachings.


Thanks for the heads up! I have never heard of this writer before. I’ll certainly be cautious!


The book - The Word of God

It’s a fascinating read -
Has a strong tone about it - demanding - insightful -
It reads like homilies - he may have given -
I haven’t looked into his personal history - etc


To know the author of a spiritual work is very important.


Were all sinners …including writers.
And this book - is very well written - and engrossing.

On the other side of the coin -
I began reading “ To Quell The Terror “
about the 16 French nuns - martyred by guillotine -
He spent four years writing and researching -

I’ve tried three times to read the book - but after 20 pages - toss it.
But the Evely book - every paragraph - I’m underlining something.

You make him out to be another Malachi Martin - lol


When dealing with spiritual matters, our primary source needs to be those faithful to Holy Mother Church.


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